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*** PSYCHO - Bates Motel ***

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Here we have a quant little house up on the hill and a small Motel to earn alittle extra money along the way.
I will be running into some.... lets say legal problem and I must sell it pronto (voice in the background) {NORMAN!!... NORMAN!!!...}... Yes mother, I will be right there.
Anyway, I sware to the new owner that all the rooms.... and expecially the bathrooms will be spotless. The master bedroom (where mother sleeps) still has a slight lingering odor to the room yet, but will get professional help. I think we all need some professional help at one point in our lifetime, some more than others.
Feel free to walk around and get a good feel for it. Did I mention that theres a lovely lake close by?..... not good for fishing tho, lines seam to break from all the snags, must be the logs.

Anyways here are the spec's on the house
Lot size = 5X3
Cost: $118,894.00 Simolias
Basement -
its just a basement... dont go down there. (not finished)
1st floor -
Formal seating room (mother doesn't like me going in there)
Seating room
2nd Floor -
2 bedrooms with their own bathroom
a knitting room

4 rentable rooms with bathrooms in each
1 room turned into an office.
I didnt get around to putting a driveway in... sence mother doesnt like me to be away from the house.

Special thanks goes to the people for their custom content.

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