The Bates Motel (BV version)

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Uploaded: 30th May 2008 at 7:29 PM
Updated: 1st Oct 2008 at 8:14 PM - Minor text adjustments
(Bon Voyage 'Hotel' version)

Some of you probably remember the Retroville set published long ago by The Mod Squad (of which I was a member). That set contained an impressive Bates Motel, that I loved since it was first published. But it was a normal community lot, so I decided to make a Bon Voyage "hotel" version from it, usable as lodging location during vacations.

COMMON FEATURES between the Retroville version and this BV version:
The lot has 5 bedrooms near the lower parking, and a 2-storey building uphill, where you can find some shopping facilities (ground floor) and a living room (upstairs).

DIFFERENCES between the Retroville version and this BV version:
  • Bedrooms were transformed in hotel rooms: replaced the doors, added some dining tables and included a phone in each room.
  • Added a check-in table at the ground floor of the main building.
  • Small changes in the shopping facilities located in the main building (removed groceries and magazine rack, added jewels, added check-in desk)
  • This is a colourful version of the Bates Motel, while the Retroville one was completely B&W.
  • Added a nice thumbnail, so to better locate it in the lot bin; and added lot description in English and Italian.
  • Added a (currently empty) basement: a scary house like that *must* have a dark basement! Otherwise, where could Norman Bates keep her mother?
    I left the basement purposely empty, so that you can set it up according to your EPs: it would be perfect, for example, for a vampire hotel room (you need to replace the door); or you could decorate it according to the movie, including Mrs. Bates' corpse sitting on the chair!

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1) You must download the file BatesMotel_(BV-version).zip in any case: it contains the lot (without any extra content). The zip contains a Sims2pack that you can easily install using either the Clean Installer or the Maxis installer.
2) You should also download the file, that contains the custom content needed by the Bates Motel; extract the files from the zip and put them in your Downloads folder.
NOTE - If you already have the Retroville version of the Bates Motel, then you don't need to download the file, because it contains the very same packages (only the required ones) already released with the Retroville version.

This lot is a hotel and therefore Bon Voyage is strictly required. In addition to BV, any other EP is welcome (I created it in a "OnlyBV" game created with the AGS, so the lot doesn't require anything but BV).

All credits go to THE MOD SQUAD for the lot and the custom content, except the small additions by me as listed above.

The original policy by Mod Squad applies to this download:
You can redistribute this material with proper credits as long as NOTHING from this set or recolors of new meshes from this set go on to any PAY SITES....This set was presented free and it shall always be free, as should all recolors of any items as well.

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: 154611

CUSTOM CONTENT included in this download
(all created by The Mod Squad for the Retroville set)
- 4 Retroville floors
- 1 Retroville terrain paint
- 7 Retroville wallpapers
- "Bates Motel" sign + grey recolour
- B&W Juke-box