The Rose Cafe & Shoppe

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Uploaded: 8th Nov 2006 at 3:13 AM
Updated: 27th Nov 2008 at 5:28 AM by Canoodle
The Rose Cafe & Shoppe is a neat little place for your sims to come eat and shop for plants. With it's indoor, semi-indoor, & outdoor dining, it's a unique experiance. The lot is not just for sims but also pets! On the left you will find a dog house, litterboxes, food bowls, & scratching posts. There are also activities outdoor for sims, too. Including chess, art eisels, dart board, etc... On the second floor you will find a small flower shop with shelves and flower station.

(lot is placed on 2x2 lot)


*the custom content from are not included, please see end of post for an easy tutorial on putting them in.

Tutorial on putting in sunroom- does not allow the content to be redistibuted, so I was not able to include them in the lot. So I have written this short and easy tutorial on putting in the sun room.

This is what you will have when you download the lot. What you see in the first few pics is what you will have when done. First off go download the content from Go to the build section and dowload the second set of build items, Laurana Fences II.

Put the Laurana windows all around the area...

This should be your end result.

Put down the Laurana sloped fence going in the foward direction at one tile from the wall. (the direction you go in will determine the fences direction)

Next we're going to put in the other Laurana sloped fences, starting from shortest to tallest. (once again the direction you go in will determine the direction the fence goes)

You should have this...

the final set is to give the apperence of there being no wall, so get the Laurana invisible window and put it in the length of the sun room.

This is your finished product!

Custom Content-
Fence by nihilin (is it just me or do I tend to use that in every upload?)
Flowers by macrossi
The Le Petite Trianon Collection by simnuts101
A few windows by windkeeper

Custom Content NOT Included-
Special Fencing & Windows from

Hope you enjoy this lot!
Happy Simming! :D