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Airforce Career

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Uploaded: 14th Dec 2006 at 1:33 AM
Updated: 15th Dec 2006 at 11:35 PM
Update- fixed spelling, chance card fix-

This is my newest career. It is an airforce career for your sims. It is a great career for your military sims. It has a unigue guid, Punching bag reward, and a full set of chance cards.I'm not sure if it's ep compatible, but works w/ base game. The levels are as follows-

1. Jet Mechanic
2. Jet Crew
3. Life Support
4.Piolet School
5. Bomber
6. Snub pilot
8. Stealth Pilot
9. SR71 Pilot
10.Airforce General

Here is one of the chance cards- You have been given the task of designing a new jet, and you have several ideas. The choice now is what to build. You could design a stealth plane, or go for a dogfighting machine. Both would have amazing capabilities in war, and both are in high demand. The job now is to decide which one to build.

Stealth- pass- You got to work immeadeatly on new stealth technology. It was a new idea, something shaped like a flying wing. You spent hours in the lab working on this amazing feat. It became the ultimate stealth weapon, not counting the SR71. You were amazed at the finished product, and you were selected to piolet the jet being the creator!

Fail- You decided to make the stealth technology. You started fiddling with tech, but it was extremely difficult. It is gard to configure all of the stealth tech into one super stealth machine. You lost a mogic and a mechanical point for your trouble.

DogFter. Pass- You decided to try your hands at a dogfighter. You worked extremely hard to produce new missiles. You even found a way to make the jet more aero dynamic and even more deadly during a fight. You earned a mechanicla and logic point.

Fail- You have never attempted anything like this before. It was a huge feat. You spent a lot of money to advertise for this feat of technology. It was such a big day. Evryone was anticipating the minute this marvel would take off. Unfortunatley it never left the runway. You hit over 200 miles and grashed into a building. You lost a lot of money for the waste of money and everyone's time.

This took a lot of hard work. i hope you like it! Any feedback welcome, but go easy on me. It's only my second upload, so i'm new at this.