The Novelty Lamp Collection!!!!!!!

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This Package constains 12 new novelty lamps to satisfy your sims! All of the lamps in this set are REAL. I found them in places like Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Canadian Tire And Zelers. I enjoyed them soo much in real life i decided to give a little treat to my sims. The making of this package took about a week but the planning and base sketching took 1 month so plase download. Now ill give you the details on all of the lamps.

(p.s. Some of the lamps, you have to put your cursor on a certain part of the object to pick it up. I dont know why.)

The Lava Lamp

I loved collecting these. I used to look at them in shops every day. The base mesh is a accurate as can be. when the lamp is turned on at night, the lava glows soo brighly is impossible to miss! I also added smooth animation with the lava so its realistic. The lavalamp set includes Recolorable Lava, water and bases!

The bases are silver,black and color swirl.

The plasma lamp
Unfortunately, ill have to add the plasmalamp image in a seperate thread, take a look in the thanks post.

The plasma lamp is an electrical and artistical WINNER! The plasma lamp uses electricity to create a wavy motion inside a glass tube. if you have ever seen one, if you put your fingers on the glass, the electric waves move to your fingertips.

Ive made a tube and dolphin shaped plasma lamp with 3 recolors.

The Bubble Tube

This is something I saw at Canadian Tire and at the Toronto Science Center during my vacation. Its basically a plastic tube filled with water. Sometimes there is a colored light at the bottom but mostly its a white one. Basically, bubbles come up from the bottom and bubble up. The advantage to this bubble tube is that unlike the real ones, this one will never get drained of its water. ^_^

"Stolen" Traffic Light

This is something I saw in radio shack. Basically, its a smaller scale traffic light that you put on a table. I placed custom animated lights so you can never tell when to go and stop lol.

Technotic Firestorm Lamp

I also saw this in radioshack. Its sort of like the plasma lamp but the electricity in this is not only attatched to the glass but also the metal ball inside. The real life one is hot when you touch it.

Crystal ball

I saw this one in wal-mart. Basically its a glass ball on a pedestal. inside is fine glitter and water. When you turn it on, the glitter starts swirling around and the light changes coulour. I tried to animate it as accurately as possible.

Small Scale Neon lamps

I bought one of these from wal-mart. Its a small neon lamp that you can put on any end table. I made a martini and hear shape. When theyre turned off, the tubes become white.

Disco lamps

I saw these in radio shack. I made a disco ball, a disco UFO and a disco can. Theyre all animated. They are all real. no recolors made.

Polygon Counts:
Polygon Count

Firestorm: 1240

Additional Credits:
I have to give lots of credit to Numenor, Pistachio and Echo cuz they helped me soo much on this projects along with my previous ones.