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FBI Career

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2008 at 7:10 PM
Updated: 10th Jul 2008 at 4:55 PM
This is my latest career that I have released, the FBI agent. This career is a request and was largely inspired by the request made by James1031990. This is an add-on career that does not replace any of the other careers already in the game. This career was written in the base-game format so it should be compatible with all expansion packs and has nine chance cards along the career path (all levels except Head of Sim City FBI.)

Here are the levels, the pay at each level, a full description of every level and the hours and days of the week for each level.

Receptionist (141)
Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri – 8am till 4pm
You are just out of the academy and you are still studying the criminal sciences fulfill your someday-dream to be a federal officer. You have not yet been accepted to any particular field office but have managed to secure yourself a receptionist position at one of their main offices.
Work on your basic police skills to pursue your dreams.

Security Guard (242)
Mon through Fri – 12pm till 8pm
You have taken a lateral transfer into one of the security positions at your office. This does not mean a higher base wage but you can get more money from the differential and the overtime. You did not want to but you needed to position yourself into something with higher growth potential and this was the best offered in this office.
Work on your body and charisma skills to get yourself noticed by your commanding officer.

Head Security Guard (363)
Mon through Fri – 12pm till 8pm
Your advancement thus far has been slow but you have been promoted to the position of head of security for this small office. You so much want to get assigned to one of the field offices, as this location is a dead-end.
You will need to brush up upon your charisma more and your logic skills to pursue the promotion that you truly want.

Undercover Agent (484)
Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat – 8am till 6pm (10-hour days, Ouch!)
You have discovered that your perception of a field office environment was a little inaccurate as there is no way to simply get transferred into one. Instead you must get assigned to one of their joint-jurisdiction projects and then earn your way within their ranks.
With that being said, you have discovered your way into one of their local projects as they are investigating the activities as what looks to be a corrupt dog-racing operation. You are now working as one of their undercover contacts in the field. Your assignment is not too dangerous but the experience is unlike anything you have done before.
Work on making some contacts in order to gain advancement.

Field Agent (600)
Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat – 8am till 6pm (10-hour days, Ouch!)
You have been folded into this corrupt track case as a regular informant. You now answer directly to a lieutenant in one of the field offices. This work is a little on the dangerous side and you are careful about all whom you are seen with.
As you investigate this corrupt gambling ring you should work upon your charisma, as you know after this is all over, the only way they will keep you is if you make your commander look good when this is all done.

Intelligence (735)
Mon through Fri – 6am till 2pm
Your commander made a huge bust in the corrupt gambling ring that you were investigating. There were over 40 arrests and several high-profile criminals were taken down because of your efforts however, in the end the ring had links to several organized crime families.
The team decided to keep you with them as now there is going to be a lot of clean up work to implement what crime families were involved in the ring.
Start to work on your body heavily as this could get very dangerous at any time.

Director (880)
Mon through Fri – 6am till 3pm
You have been taken off your old team and have been given a task force of your own. These new guys that they have assigned you are very green and have never seen any real action at all. You thought you needed more experience but these guys that have been assigned to you are very new. They can talk about their academics all they want but none of them have ever shot at someone ever.
You and your team have been assigned to a joint-taskforce to control some drug activity that crosses the other taskforce's jurisdiction. Work upon your logic as the criminals who you are going after have been doing this for a long time and know more about what they are doing than you know about what you are doing.

Head Director (1100)
Mon through Sat – 6am till 3pm
You started this drug enforcement operation just being in-charge of your team, now you are the single coordinator for all of the law enforcement teams who are working upon this case. You were right in working upon your logic as the head of this drug cartel is a very clever individual and you do not have one living witness that can place him at even one crime scene.
Brush up on all of your basic skills and contacts because you just do not yet have enough to get a conviction on the central figure in this drug cartel.

Field Office Director (1500)
Everyday – 6am till 1pm
You were looking forward to being the head director of your field office that was until you actually became him and discovered that it is more of a desk job than anything. A desk job that there is no escape from in fact. Technically since you are on-call, you now get no days off and if something happens, you have to be ready in an instant.
You are the central figure to several field task forces and they call you every time something goes terribly wrong (at least twice per day.) You will need to work on your contacts and charisma to better coordinate all aspects of this position.

Head of Sim City FBI (2000)
Mon through Fri – 7am till 2pm
Finally you have become the head figure of the Sim City FBI. You are working more cases than you can count and you don't even know how you keep track of them all. Several jurisdictions answer to you and you are so high in rank you make any and all field offices nervous whenever you come to visit.
There is literally no way to measure your importance or level of responsibility. You have gone further that you ever could have imagined in your academy days but this is also a harder job than you could have ever imagined in your academy days as well.

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