Default Face Replacements 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Uploaded: 24th Sep 2008 at 6:29 PM
Updated: 7th Oct 2008 at 1:58 AM - adding some keywords
Another set of default face templates! Why yes, I am a fool, can you tell? Anyway, after hours and hours of slaving away over a hot stove...I finally present to you my second set of face templates!

Hopefully I fixed the "huge forehead" problem that people had with my first set, along with any other criticism they had. This time, I was smart and asked for opinions BEFORE I posted. Go me! However, I know I can't please everyone, so I apologize if there are some templates not to your liking. And please keep in mind that the screenshots are limited; most of the character in the faces is seen from 3/4 or profile view.

If some of the templates seem familiar, that is probably because they were some of my born-in-game sims, tweaked and made into templates! #7, for example, is the offspring of Kaylynn Langerak and one of my aliens (the PT replacement I use is Pirate McSkittles, who was created by Keely, who kindly gave me permission to use parts of her sim's likeness).

Here's a quick shot of some of faces in the game. The thumbnails below feature 3 different versions of each face: one with CC, one without, and the Maxis face that it's replacing. You'll note that these aren't based on the Maxis faces in any way - they're just sims I made and liked the look of.

All content shown on the faces is Maxis, with the exception of the eyes and skins - skins are default blends that I made from Ephermera's BJD skin, and Rensim's Circonflex skins. They're not available for download, as per Ren's policy. The eyes are Seasons Eyes by Bruno, made default by spikesminx.

» All the files come pre-Compressorized, so you don't have to! The Compressorizer can be found here, if you don't have it and are a CC junkie like me. :D

Don't like these faces, or want a little more variety? Here are some links to the other face templates that I know of:

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Or maybe you want to make your own set? I've written a comprehensive tutorial here! If you do make more, please PM me, I'd love to link them here.


Polygon Counts:
Same as Maxis.

Additional Credits:
Motoki for her lovely tutorial, and Selzi for being totally awesome!

Special thanks to AllenABQ for their face template files!