* Subtlety * Default Face Templates

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2015 at 2:05 PM
Updated: 28th Jul 2015 at 4:28 AM - info about defaults
Do you like the variety of templates offered by Maxis, but desire an aesthetic that's less…exaggerated? Then you popped in to check out the right download!

What you get here are the 27 default templates replaced with questionably more realistic versions of themselves. These were made to carefully preserve the distinguished features Maxis endowed on its original templates, all while catering to an audience who demands daintier eyes, mouths, and noses.

Each sculpt was made to ensure it would gender-swap and age in an interesting way. Sure, each face may not be the epitome of beauty, but hey, they got character. One thing, though. I don't play with fairies or elves or aliens, so I seriously toned down the features of the 26 Elf template so now they're just...pointy. But you can pick and choose which default replacement you want to use, since all of these templates are available individually in the archive. Thus, you can mix and match them with other creators awesome templates to get a set made just for you. Just remember, you can only have one of each default replacement.

In case you're wondering, yes, these default replace all ages and genders of the 27 face templates normally visible in Body Shop or CAS.


Additional Credits:
These templates exist thanks to the awesomeness of Maxis, along with AlfredAskew and the heart template she shared, and I also may have used some features from isbrealiomcaife's All Around the World templates.

Myriads of thanks to AllenBBQ, who shared the extracted face templates with the world. If you like this set, make sure to thank him for his generosity!

Thanks also to Argon at MATY, for sharing their archfix which mended the broken templates, allowing Sims to keep their face straight.

These files have been compressorized thanks to jfade's The Compressorizer.

SimPE for making default replacements possible.