Lionspau's Default Face Templates

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Uploaded 24th Jan 2014 at 2:52 PM · Updated 24th Jan 2014 at 11:45 PM by Lionspau

Here we have a set of Default Face Templates. It contains numbers 1-27 with exception to #'s 21 & 25. Since I was unable to do those two numbers, I kind of made a mash-up of Oepu's 11, 21 & 25 to round out the difference a bit. The majority of the templates are of my own creation. There are however a few which I re-hashed from other creators, (namely Selzi, Oepu, Helaene and Spookymuffin). I have included some comparative photos of theirs in opposition to mine, so you can see both the similarities and the differences.

I am rather proud of the diversity of the facial features in my templates. I strove to capture various ethnicities. You will find, some African, Asian, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern, as well as some others.

Feel free to mix and match mine with other people's Default Face Templates (hint* there are a lot of nice ones right here at MTS2) That said, remember that you can only have one of each default template in your game at any time. [i.e. If you have Selzi's #1 heart, you cannot have my #1 heart (or anyone else's for that matter) simultaneously...sorry, you gotta choose.] However, there are some NON-default face templates out there which add to the original 27 (big smiles!) I hope you enjoy!!!

Additional Credits:
I would like to again thank and give credit to: Selzi, Oepu, Helaene and Spookymuffin for their creativity and their templates.