Realistic Default Face Template Replacements

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Uploaded 30th Aug 2007 at 5:19 AM

I was tired of never finding default template replacements I liked. I first planned to use them for personal use, but I figure you can play around with them too :-) . My templates don't have anime eyes, and I tried to make them as diverse as possible. These templates don't really have any extreme qualities- no Quasimodo in this batch!

Even though they look more realistic than most Sim sets, they do produce pretty Sim!babies (in my experience, at least).

The "Heart" template for toddlers is intentionally left out. The face was horribly distorted, no matter what I tried to do to it (including switching the initial "heart" template with the unused "cper" template). If someone could create a file that doesn't end up looking awkward, I'd gladly add it to the set with full credit.

This would be my first upload, so I'm hoping everything turned out okay. I created the templates using Seasons Bodyshop. I asked around, and supposedly this should be compatible with games without Seasons. Any feedback on this matter would be wonderful.

All ages are included- from Elder to toddler. The preview photos are of the templates in adult form, both male and female. The top set is with custom content, and the row right below it are the SAME FACES without any custom content.

To use the templates, just place the files within the Downloads folder.

I used AllenABQ's Base Templates to make this set. If you're looking to make your own, I'd definitely point you in their direction. It helped a TON! So thanks :-) A few of the files were a bit jumbled, though, so I used Helaene and Oepu as a reference, too.

I have not included any custom content in the packages. But if you want to see the downloads I have in the preview pictures:
Skintone by Simcribbling.
Eyes by Barcelonista (they're beauuuutiful!)
Long Dreads by Nouk

I've been working on these since early June of 07, and JUST finished them last night (8-29-07). It took a ton of work. I'm really proud of them, and I hope you enjoy them too :-)

I'll probably make more sets in the future, but for now I'm out of ideas!

Additional Credits: SimPE

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