Pie Menu Text Strings Fix (Updated 2009/05/02)

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Uploaded: 19th Oct 2008 at 11:00 AM
Updated: 5th Nov 2011 at 6:00 PM - v1.13: Fixed several Traditional Chinese strings.

This mod fixes broken pie menus plagued with redundant functions, grammar mistakes and missing translations, especially in non-English languages.
Redundant pie menus are caused by carelessness on translators' part, like spelling errors, nonidentical translations or use of the ellipsis character instead of three dots. Cluttered pie menus are often frustrating, as you have to go through extra levels whenever you want to select other items, like meals or radio channels. So far German looks like the worst offender, redundant pie menus everywhere. Especially foods like Chef Salad, text strings for lunch and dinner all mixed up since base game.

Although this mod fixes mostly non-English languages, it also contains Art Nouveau Bookcase fix, which affects all languages including English.
If you want other languages fixed, let me know the affected objects and your language. I'll include them in the next version.
Please post your requests in this MATY thread, instead of this MTS2 thread. It would be more convenient for me to receive my feedback in one place.
This mod will fix ONLY pie menu texts, nothing else. I'm not going to add fixes for job descriptions or catalogue descriptions in this mod. I'm thinking about making a separate fix for spelling/translation errors found elsewhere, as pie menu fix carries the risk of incompatibility.

Note: To fix cluttered Sim menu (like new AL kiss or Vamprocillin-D on Gypsy), I had to make overrides for PersonGlobals text strings. Chances are that it may conflict with other hacks (notably InTeen) which also alter these resources.

Pick only one version, depending on your latest EP.
  • LdDarcy_PieMenuTextStringsFix.package: If your latest EP is FT, AL or M&G
  • LdDarcy_PieMenuTextStringsFix_BV.package: If your latest EP is BV or earlier

Below is the list of fixes which were rolled into this mod. Remove them all to avoid conflict.

List of objects fixed by this mod:


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