Fix for Empty State of H&M Clothing Racks - No longer revert to base game wooden rack - Updated 2008/08/31, Rolled into New AL fix

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Uploaded: 13th May 2008 at 5:49 PM
Updated: 24th Jul 2011 at 8:09 AM - AL Compatibility
2008-08-31: This fix was rolled into Stuff Pack Objects Fix Collection for Apartment Life in Apartment Life. If you have AL, remove this fix and get the new AL fix.


If you've ever used two H&M clothing racks in OFB clothing store, you might have noticed that something is wrong with them.

Since OFB, clothing racks have "empty state" mesh. In OFB business lots, clothing racks have limited capacity (10 items for cheap racks, 15 for expensive racks). When they're out of stock, they change to "empty state" mesh. Empty state mesh has only racks without clothing part. When restocked, they revert to the normal state mesh.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

The two H&M clothing racks are cloned from the base game wooden clothing rack. Unlike base game racks, however, H&M racks don't have "empty state" mesh, because lazy EAxis never takes care to extend EP specific features to stuff packs. So when out of stock, they change to empty state of base game wooden rack. Also, EAxis borked the mesh name for Ladies' rack, so it will revert to wrong texture when restocked.

I made a new, proper empty state mesh for 2 H&M clothing racks. They share the same empty state mesh, as rack part is identical in both racks. With this fix installed, H&M racks will no longer revert to base game wooden clothing rack when out of stock in OFB business.
It also fixes a glitch in H&M clothing rack for Ladies, so that it reverts to the correct recolor when restocked.

This is a completely inexcusable mistake, as H&M pack is built on OFB engine, not base game engine. Every single object from this pack is intended for clothing stores, and yet they failed to supply basic OFB features like empty state mesh. Which shows that there is absolutely NO quality control going on inside EAxis.

If your latest EP is either BV or FT, get my other fix for H&M clothing booth here:
BV clothing booth interactions (Change/Plan Outfits) enabled for H&M clothing booth

Restocker's outfit featured in screenshot is available here:
Unlocked BV Hidden Outfits - 3 Cropped Jacket and Skirts


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(Or in a subfolder of Downloads folder.)

Additional Credits:

wes_h for UniMesh plugins
Everyone who contributed to the development of SimPE