Unlocked FreeTime Career Outfits (for FreeTime Patch) - Updated 2008/09/04, Male unitard was enabled for YAs

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Uploaded: 22nd May 2008 at 1:04 AM
Updated: 15th Jan 2011 at 1:36 AM - Updated to v1.01

2008-09-04: Updated to v1.01. Male unitard was enabled for YAs as well.


Ever wondered why that cute pink unitard with legwarmers is gone from your game after installing FT patch? No ballet tutu, no female dance outfit with a ring on the shoulder?

If you applied FreeTime patch, FreeTime career outfits are no longer available in CAS and buy catalog. You cannot buy these outfits at shops anymore. They are now inaccessible, unless you're creating fresh Sims in CAS with debug mode on.
Furthermore, as of FreeTime, all career outfits (not just FT ones) are no longer added to family wardrobe when a Sim gets a new job or a promotion, a throwback to base game days. This is true even for unpatched game.

Seems that a lot of people who applied FT patch miss FT career outfits that were once available in CAS and clothing stores. By popular demand, I made this FT career outfit unlocker.

What is unlocked:
  • All FreeTime career outfits
  • PlantSim Leafy Clothing (not Fig Leaf outfit)
  • Food Judge outfits

I changed the category of World Class Ballet Dancer outfits from Everyday Only to Everyday/Gym. It's stupid to have this outfit only in Everyday, when Sims cannot perform ballet in Everyday outfit!
Also changed category of wetsuits from Everyday Only to Everyday/Swimwear. There are actually two identical copies of wetsuits, but I activated only one of them. If you already bought the other one from store before you applied patch, you may find duplicate copies in some family wardrobes.

Most of career outfits are flagged with 0x08, meaning that townies will not be spawned dressed in these outfits. It's silly to have townies flocking to treadmills in community gyms garbed in ballet tutu, after all. Only unitards and track dancer outfits are enabled for townies.

If other clothing unlocker/hider/recategorize mods change these outfits, this unlocker will not be compatible with them.

This unlocker does NOT enable career outfits to be automatically added to family wardrobe when a Sim gets a new job or a promotion. You have to get my other fix to get this pre-FT feature back:
Career Outfits are Added to Wardrobe Again in FreeTime


You can put this unlocker in your Downloads folder as usual, but please be aware that delete button for career outfits may be enabled in Body Shop or CAS. You might accidentally delete it.

If you want to disable the delete button completely, put the file in here:

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 <YOUR LATEST EP>\TSData\Res\Catalog\Skins

(or the corresponding folder on your system if your game isn't installed in C:\Program Files)

E.g. if your latest EP is Mansion & Garden Stuff, the location will be like this:
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff\TSData\Res\Catalog\Skins

Files are loaded in alphabetical order, the last loaded overriding the ones loaded earlier.

If you want to keep the fix in \Skins folder, DO NOT remove z- prefix from the file name. It's there to ensure that the fix is loaded after Skins.package, overriding original Property Set.

If you want to make a subfolder for your fixes/hiders/unlockers under \Skins folder, name the subfolder as something like z_Fixes, so that files in the subfolder load after Skins.package.


v1.0: Initial release.
v1.01: Male unitard was enabled for YAs. (2008/09/04)

Additional Credits:

Everyone who contributed to the development of SimPE