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Job Seeking Noticeboard (Two-Tile) - Including Pet Jobs

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Uploaded: 22nd Oct 2008 at 3:14 PM
Updated: 15th Jun 2010 at 11:31 AM - More languages

*Updated 12th November*
More translations
Back in the days of the base Sims 2 game, there were 10 job tracks and searching for your dream job in the Newspaper or on a computer generally only took a couple of days before the random choice of 3 or 4 jobs respectively, came up with your choosen career track.

These days with all the new Expansion Packs (and additionally career mods), there are twice as many jobs to choose from and with still only 3 or 4 jobs a day, it can take a week sometimes before your career track appears.

The Job Seeking Notice board allows you to select any job directly without trawling through lots of jobs you are not interested in. The job is offered to you in exactly the same way as from a newspaper or computer (using the online job finder), that is, you are offered a job at the appropriate level (based on previous jobs, e.g. as a teen; degree or lack of it; pregnancy) and it checks if you already have a job that you really want to change to this new one. It will not allow you to waltz into the job centre and demand a level 10 job in any career - that's just not true to life. It works for Adult Jobs, Teen/Elder Jobs and Pet Jobs, and for Maxis Careers and Custom Careers. Note: Elder Pets and Spectral Cats (new in Apartment Life) cannot get jobs - just as with other job offering mechanisms.

I imagine this notice board being placed in a dedicated "Job Centre" or even just at the back of the supermarket. However, I haven't restricted it from being placed in a residential lot if your Sim is too lazy to even go out to get a job! If you want to get a job for your Pet you must take it with you when you go to the noticeboard - when you go to a commmunity lot just make sure you choose the Pets to come with you from the list.

This object is Base Game compatible, however, if you have the Pets EP and you take some Pets with you to the lot which hosts the noticeboard, you will see the menu to Find Pet Job for...

If you want a Pet Jobs only noticeboard you can pick up the noticeboard and place it again and this will cycle round the various configurations - see here for details.

I have categorised the notice board as Decorative/Misc to match the open/close shop sign.

There is now also a one-tile version of this noticeboard.

The notice board was created by cloning a painting. I changed the texture of the picture model to show the job notices, and added the behaviours to allow selection of a job (I guess I'm more into BHAV programming than meshing). I have provided two recolors which do not have the English text "JOBS ON OFFER" but instead use this "Simlish" font. I have also provided a Pets recolor (both English and Simlish) example can be seen here. Base object and recolors are all found in the attached .rar file.

One known anomoly is to do with the dialog used.
Maxis Job Offer Dialog
The code in this object calls a Maxi call tree "CT - Offer Job" which is used by both the newspaper and the computer. I didn't think it necessary to clone it into my object since it works fine, except with one anomoly, that is the dialog that pops up. It has a title of "Online Job Finder" and has two buttons "End Search" and "Look Again" that are effectively "Don't take the job" since on this noticeboard there is only one job in each category.

Clicking on
  • "Take Job" - changes the job your Sim/Pet has (after confirming you want to change any existing job you may have). Sim nods head in a satisfied manner.
  • "End Search" - no change to job status - Sim shakes his head
  • "Look Again" - reminds you that there is only one job of each type to find and you have seen it already.


Polygon Counts:
Faces=282, Vertices=320

Please note, this is a rar file. If you don't know what to do with one of those, see here.

Update History
Added translations - see section below
Fixed routing issue which caused action to get a job to quietly drop out of the Sims queue.
Added more translations - see section below
Added more translations - see section below
Added Pet Jobs to the board and a Pet Job recolor.
Added placement options for configuration on non-owned community lots especially (but useful everywhere).
Added more translations - see section below
Added more translations - see section below

Additional Credits: :lovestruc
Quaxi for SimPEwiki.
Numenor: for helping me make it Base Game compatible, and for spotting the routing issue
GeneralOperationsDirector: For the Simlish Font pointer
SIMale: For the Simlish Font
simmary: For letting me know how the strings show up in Spanish
Numenor: For the AnyGameStarter.
ebruere: For this which enabled me to do Pet Jobs properly.
GeneralOperationsDirector and Numenor: For the idea and know-how for the placement options configuration

Language Support
This object is fully translated in the following languages thanks to the much appreciated assistance from the following native language speakers. :lovestruc
  • First Batch in 08Nov update
  • Spanish (provided by simmary)
  • German (provided by Isus01010 and Cytron simultaneously)
  • French (provided by pixelhate)
  • Italian (provided by Numenor)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (provided by prudencechan)
  • Czech (provided by Mamonek)
  • Dutch (provided by leesester)
  • Simplified Chinese (provided by Angella)
  • Second Batch in 23Nov update
  • U.S. English! (provided by GeneralOperationsDirector)
  • Finnish (provided by kagemusha)
  • Swedish (provided by satinn)
  • Norwegian (provided by Jumelia)
  • Russian (provided by Jasana_BugBreeder)
  • Ukrainian (provided by Jasana_BugBreeder)
    • If you play the game in Ukrainian - please get in touch - we are unsure whether there is a Ukrainian installation or not.
  • Third Batch in 24Dec update
  • Danish (provided by kastel345)
  • Polish (provided by kacper1703)
  • Fourth Batch in 20May update
  • Portuguese (provided by ABCRic)
  • Turkish (provided by CorleoneFamily)
  • Thai (provided by siddharath)
  • Fifth Batch in 12Nov update
  • Korean (provided by gracepline)
For any other languages, this object will mainly present you with strings in the language of your installation (due to the fact that Maxis code is being called), but there are one or two strings that are created as part of my object and those are currently in English. If you are a non-English speaker and would like to help me produce a version of this object containing your language strings - please go to this thread to provide translation assistence. Credit will be given.