Buyable Reagents

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2009 at 10:03 PM
Updated: 11th Jun 2010 at 3:07 AM - Updated package
I am tired of my witches spending so much time toiling over their cauldrons, but I still like the idea of Spell Reagents.
I hit a compromise and made Reagents buyable (you know, for emergencies.)

There are 2 options.
MTS2_NDR_Simol_BuyableReagents makes reagents buyable under the Hobbies/Misc. category for their standard prices ranging from 20 to 50 Simoleans.
As an added bonus, folks with OFB can set reagents for sale on a business lot and restock them from the catalog.
Note: I have not tested restocking reagents as craftables, i.e. from owner inventory. If you try it, let me know how it works.

MTS2_NDR_Asp_BuyableReagents makes reagents appear under Aspiration Rewards ranging in price from 200 to 500 aspiration points each. It may seem steep, but my adult Sims routinely have over 200000 aspiration points each. For aspiration items, they are cheap, and how many energizers can your lot really hold anyway?

Install only one. If you install both, the "simolean" version overrides the "aspiration" version.

Creaturefixes from MATY contains a copy of the OBJD for the Dragon Scales that (like this hack) overrides the original from the game,
If you have creaturefixes installed, it will also override this hack, and Dragon Scales may not appear in your catalog (either version). Renaming or sub-foldering files so that this one loads second should prevent this behavior. (If both files are in the same folder or sub-folder, this one should be second by default as it is second alphabetically)

Update 12/15/2009: The simolean version has been updated so that you may buy multiple items without returning to catalog (like how dining chairs work). Thanks, Hackster Manic for keeping me honest

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the SimPE team for the usual reasons.