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Papyrus Library - Everything on one floor

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Uploaded: 23rd Jul 2009 at 12:39 AM
I hate having to go down through all the levels of a community building to tell my Sims to "go here." I also hated the kids going all the way upstairs to do their homework at the library. So, I deleted the top floor (after moving every bookcase and desk downstairs) while I added on a wing in the center back to hold the desks and computers.

I wanted to keep the original look of the building. I also did not want to add anything that wasn't originally there, so there would be no unfair advantages when playing different challenges. So, while I rearranged a lot of the book cases and desks, I tried to keep the layout very similar. (I did rearrange the bathroom stalls though and added a few more reading chairs and end tables.)

Anyway, why might you want this library in your hood?
1. Your books have been disappearing over time as NPCs and other Sims might have put them in their own inventory after a visit to the library.
2. You are tired of every book your Sims write showing up in the bookcases and would like to have a clean bookcase.
3. You hate your Sims trudging upstairs to do their homework and then back downstairs again.
4. You also hate having to click "level down" so many times to click on the bookcase, computer, bathroom stall, etc. that you want your Sim to use.
5. You might want the full library available in Riverview rather than just the Wright Reading Room.

How do you put this library in your game? You need to enter "Edit Town" mode. Then, either delete your current library (only after you know the building is empty) OR chose a residential lot that will house a 32x32 space and change that residential lot to a commercial one. (There is a 40x40 lot at 415 Skyborough Blvd in Sunset Valley just one block away from the current library spot, so it would still be at your town center.) Then place this library on the lot.

Also, this file will unzip to a .sim3package so use the launcher (or Pescado's recommended method) to import this into your game after unzipping it.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 37,674