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Williams Library

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Uploaded: 13th Nov 2013 at 11:04 PM
The inspiration for this lot came from all those public spaces buildings (libraries, school type things, and government and medical offices) from the 1970s and early 80s, when they decided that covering 90% of the interior with carpet was a good idea. (Wall to wall carpet? Let's go up the walls with it! And on the doors and columns... it's all good! Brilliant!)

The retro-tastic Williams Library is a "modern" structure with rather earthy aspects--rich wood siding and accents in rough stone. It's central architectural feature is a grand staircase that descends dramatically down (not up!) into the very bowels of knowledge. The interiors are decorated (on far too many surfaces) with carpet for safety, in case one gets too excited by all the book-learning and begins to thrash around. (What? It's there to dampen sound? Not for saving those with biblio-induced hysteria from scraped elbows? Really? Doesn't a "Shhhh!" work anymore?) The ground floor has tables for study, sofas for lounging, a children's section for the age-deficient, the check-out counter for borrowing (hypothetically), and gender-segregated restrooms for--do I really have to explain what those are for? The basement houses the stacks, an office for the staff, a "break room", a small storage room, and access to an outside patio area with tables for chess-ing. There is also a technology room with state-of-the-art computers featuring lightning-fast 486 processors, VGA graphics, and LAN support. (Heck yeah! I gots this 5.25 inch diskette with shareware DOOM on it! Let's kick some demon/alien tail!)

Price: 119,208

Lot size: 30x30

Games used: WA, Amb, LN, Gen, Pets, Showtime, SN, Seasons, Uni, and Town Life. (WA for interior columns, Amb for interior doors, Pets for the stone wall paper outside, while the others are mostly one or two deco items or furniture pieces. Town Life provides the pane glass with the book graphic.)

Store content:

Clearstory Rectangular Window and Clearstory 3-Tier Window from Lucky Palms. Both used on the upper bits. The Rectangular Window does not have a Store icon anymore in my game, and it might have been patched into the game at some point. The Business as Usual and Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center venues seem to use that window as well, but it is not listed an object that comes with either of them. The 3-Tier Window is used under the roof eaves and is mostly optional--looks good from the outside, but serves no actual purpose.

Pictures taken in Hidden Springs.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 119,208