Medieval NPC Replacements: Commoners

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Uploaded: 26th Mar 2010 at 9:22 PM
Updated: 24th Mar 2010 at 5:21 PM by fanseelamb - entered in medieval challenge

Now you can fill your Medieval/Fantasy neighborhood towns and villages with delightfully dirty commoners. This is a default NPC replacement set of 16 NPCs (a total of 29 characters!). Using this set your NPCs will automatically appear in your game in era appropriate clothing.

NPCs included:

Messenger (Mailman)
Herald (Newspaper Delivery)
Tax Collector (Repoman) [Repogun recolor included]
Midwife (Social Worker)
Ratcatcher (Exterminator)
Grocery Delivery
Guard (Police)
Fire Brigade [Fire Extinguisher recolor included]
Thief (Burglar)

This set has been put into two parts for downloading because the file size exceeded 10mb. Once you remove the folders from the archive put them into your Sims2 -> Downloads folder and your NPC clothing will instantly change. (You can merge all the folders/files into one folder for convenience if desired) If you want to return to the game NPC apparel or use another default set, just remove or delete the Commoners folder.

Each NPC replacement package already includes the necessary mesh required, therefore you do NOT need to download any additional files or meshes for this set to work. However, if you would like your playable characters to wear the included apparel too, download the mesh files from the credits list below. (I selected fairly common meshes that are used in a lot of Medieval clothing recolors, so you may already even have these meshes).


Gara's Boutique for textures and meshes
  • GR_Mod08bodyMESH060201 (Used for AF Maid, Gardener, Driver, Ratcatcher, Grocery Delivery, Messenger, Midwife)
  • GR_Modm01bodyMESH060216 (Used for AM Maid, Butler, Gardener, Driver, Messenger)
Tiggerypum for meshes
  • MESH_tig_metunicpants092005.package (Used for EM Handyman)
  • MESH_tig_amtunicpants.package (Used for AM Ratcatcher, Grocery Delivery)
  • MESH_tig_mttunicpants092005.package (Used for TM Clerk, Herald)
Parsimonious for meshes
  • mesh_k8parsfefrengwon021605.package (Used for EF Nanny, Handyman)
  • mesh_k8parsftfrengown021605.package (Used for TF Clerk, Herald)
SimGrrl for textures
Witcher series textures were remixed for the Guard, Fire Brigade, Tax Collector and Thief

Almight Hat for texture
I *borrowed* some wood from Hats Bug Spray Barrel for use on the Fire Extinguisher; For photo purposes I used her DR Grocery Basket carried by the NPC Grocery Delivery. I highly recommend her Default Replacements for your medieval/historical hood.