Maid Default Replacement [updated!]

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Uploaded: 22nd Aug 2021 at 6:31 PM
Updated: 11th Sep 2021 at 1:01 PM
I saw phoebe-twiddle’s default for the maid outfit and knew exactly what I wanted to do: matching defaults for afbodydressmaid and ambodymanmaid!

NPC Clothing
I got rid of the shorts on EA’s Kitchen&Bath pre-order outfit, extracted the pants from afbodydeliveryperson / ambodydeliveryperson and colored them brown. I also made the gloves yellow, but there is a version included with pink gloves as well (choose only one file!). My default contains two 1024x1024 textures, and both AF and AM share those textures. The shoes are my fixed umbottomwillpants shoes from my pizza default.

This is my first time converting AF -> AM so the mesh is not perfect by any means, but it’s good enough for me. They both have fat morphs, of course! This was also my first time making a fat morph (AM) from scratch. I apologize, it’s not perfect either D-:

I did my best to reduce as much clipping as possible, but there are still some clipping during certain animations between the pants and shirt at the back. There’s also a slight (skin texture) seam/difference between the neck and body on AM. I was thinking of replacing the neck mesh with a “true” AM-neck mesh, but then I was unsure of how I would add the apron mesh back onto it.

In other words; I’m too tired/not sure how to solve these issues, but if anyone wants to try and fix them or know how I could fix them myself, please feel free to do so/let me know! :-D

EA original polycount:
  • female: 2932
  • male: 2280
My default’s polycount:
  • female: 2564
  • male: 2562

Included in the default is a simple texture default for the maid car, replacing EA’s pink maid logo with my new logo. I also cleaned up the registration sign and removed the shadow under the side mirror :-) the logo on the engine hood (is it really called hood in English?) has been replaced as well.

Recommended Mods
These are maid related mods I recommend downloading. They are not required for my defaults to work, though :-)You can also browse sims2defaults for a default of hairhatmaid.

My default will not conflict with whattheskell‘s maid completer / male maid separates since rudhira​ was kind and threw together my default file the “right” way! Also worth mentioning, EA originally had three different colors for the male maid but my default does not.

All defaults seen in this post have been merged into one single file, and the files have been compressed to reduce file size. If you have any other defaults in your downloads folder for afbodydressmaid, ambodymanmaid or vehiclemaid-main_txtr you have to remove those before installing mine! And remember to choose between yellow or pink gloves :-) if you encounter any problems, let me know!

Edit: I separated the vehicle default for an anon, so if you don’t want to use my NPC outfit defaults but my car default, download the "vegankaktus_DEFAULTvehiclemaid" archive :-)

Edit #2: if you have the “Buyable Work and NPC Clothes” you will probably see my default with invisible pants. Delete the maid gzps from that file and all is good :-)

Edit 2021-09-11: I updated my vehicle default with the nicer bumper texture from my taxi defaults! here is a quick image showing the new texture:

both the separated car default and the merged file have been updated with my new texture :-) please re-download!

Credits: freepik for the icon, rudhira for being so kind and helping me so much(♡), phoebe-twiddle for the yellow gloves idea and lastly, EA :-)