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Holly Flowers-Botanist

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Uploaded: 17th Jun 2010 at 8:25 AM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2010 at 3:26 PM
Okay, so this is my first upload.
Note: she was made before WA, however I re-saved to the simbox after, so I have no idea if she'll be compatible or not for the basegame.

This was a Sim I recently created out of rage at all the maxis-made ugly Sims in the neighborhood. I think she's rather beautiful, so I decided to share with you guys. Hopefully you think so too.

I called her Holly Flowers...'cause she's a gardener. Yeah.

As for her story, well um...

She likes to garden. Since she was a child she has been fascinated by nature and loves to spend every minute outside. Be that gardening, painting, hiking or taking walks. She also likes to cook what she grows.

Holly is a young adult, and her LW is to grow 8 perfect plants.

Green Thumb
Natural Cook
Loves Outdoors

Custom Music
Goopy Carbonara (wtf is that?)

Mods used:

awesomemod by J.M. Pescado.

Note: awesomemod is only used to increase the amount of sliders. If you don't plan on editing her facial structure at all, you don't need it.

Jonha’s head shaper and body sliders:

Body Sliders

Head Shaper

Facial Sliders by bella3lek4.

Non-Default Skintone Enabler by Rez Delnava

Custom Content Included:

Softglo blush by Kittyklan.

Cargo shorts/pants pictured are EA. As are the flipflops.

Candy Crush Eyeshadow by ladyfrontbum.

Naughty and Nice non-default skintone by ladyfrontbum.

Oh My Eyes defaults by escand.

Lower Lashes Eyeliner (costume makeup) by aarin.

Not Included:

I've packaged her with EA stuff (including hair and clothes)

Savio’s Raon 70 conversion by Anubis/Savio.

Shirt # 181 by Liana.

Feel free to dress/edit her as you please.

I will probably upload the Sim I used as her boyfriend/husband, 'cause he's hot.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the creators whose custom content has been used in the making of Holly. Especially to ladyfrontbum and her gorgeous skins.