Animal Behaviour Major

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I studied Animal Behaviour at university, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This Major is based on the course content that was included in the degree I studied for, and the class titles are based on actual modules that I took.

Use FrikaC's Majors Made Easier mod to assign this major to your student sims! (See linked thread for details/instuctions etc).

This major is cloned from the Mathematics major, but has a unique GUID, which is 0x00524331 - so no overwriting!
It also has its own icon, which has a transparent background in game (look, a doggie!):

The focussed skills are Cleaning, Mechanical, Logic and Body.


Animal Behaviour: the fascinating study of animals and how they interact with their environment. Want to know how to calm a llama? How to know whether or not a gorilla is self-aware? Why male red deer often die right after the mating season? Then this is definitely the major for you!

Animal Handling: So why do people hum to llamas?
Animal Health & Disease: How to innoculate pigs, amongst other things.....

Management of Exotics: How to not get eaten by a tiger (or a lion!)
Field Ecology: Counting stuff in fields. Mainly plants, but animals too!

Animal Physiology: How all the squishy bits inside animals work......
Introduction to Statistics: Because we like to pretend that you actually care what SPSS does

Ethics & Animal Welfare: Why you shouldn't kick puppies, and other ethical debates
Animal Cogntion: Chimpanzees using sign-language, and parrots that can really count!

Enjoy! :-)

Additional Credits:
Lots and lots of thank yous to whiterider, for the awesome tutorial "Major Creation: The Definite Tutorial". I would never have managed to change the focussed skills and class times without it!

Also thanks to the makers of SimPE, where would we be without them?!

And thanks to FrikaC, whose "Majors Made Easier" mod sure did make majors easier! :-)

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