Seaside Worker Career for Teens & Elders

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2015 at 6:09 PM
Updated: 1st Apr 2015 at 10:32 PM
I really wanted to upload something for the "Beach" theme this month, but I've been stupidly busy at work and have mainly spent my time off eating or being asleep.... I will be making an adult career to go with this over Easter, as I'll have an entire week off then, but in the meantime here is the teen/elder version of the career - cunningly uploaded in March, because I want the achievement sticker thingamabob!

Please leave a comment or hit the Thanks button if you download this career! If you encounter any problems, or find any grammar/spelling errors please let me know by leaving a comment below.

This career has its own unique GUID, and so shouldn't overwrite anything in your game. It will eventually link to my seaside worker career for adults, so that your teens will continue in the career when they age up (provided that you download that career from here when I upload it). It is EP compatible, and has 3 chance cards (ie one per level). It also has a custom icon, which is attached above.

This career is roughly based on the kind of jobs available at a British seaside resort. This teen/elder version would work pretty well for any seaside setting, but the one for adults will be a little more British, with regards to some of the career levels. The second and third levels and chance card descriptions are the same as the first two levels of the (upcoming!) adult career, but the first level is completely new :-) The levels for this version are as follows:

Litter Picker $50, MThFSS, 3pm - 6pm, promotion requirements: 1 body skill point, 1 cleaning skill point, 1 family friend

You spend your working hours picking up litter on the beach. It isn't glamorous, or well paid, but at least you get to spend time outdoors enjoying the sunshine (or putting up with the pouring rain!).

Beach Cleaner $80, MWFSS, 3pm - 7pm, promotion requirements: 1 charisma skill point, 1 more cleaning skill point, 1 more family friend

You're still responsible for keeping the beach clean, but now you get to use machinery to acomplish your goal! You drive the quadbike that pulls the sand cleaning machine and removes the rubbish from the beach. This is so much quicker than doing it by hand - and you get to ride a quadbike!

Deck Chair Attendant $110, TuWFSS, 3pm - 6pm

Working on your charisma has really paid off! Now you actually get to interact with tourists and locals alike (but mainly tourists!) whilst encouraging them to pay money to rent a deck chair instead of just bringing their own. And, once you persuade them to pay up you need to keep them happy, so you do a lot of fetching, carrying, cleaning and tidying as well. It's not very exciting, but at least you get to be around people now!

I hope that you all enjoy this career as much as I've enjoyed creating it! The adult one should be available within a week or so - roll on the Easter holidays! :-)

Additional Credits:
I would like to thank Superfly, whiterider and Emma Barrett for their awesome tutorials on career creation.

And, of course, many thanks to the makers of SimPE.

Oh, and thank you to whoever decided to have monthly themes here at MTS - I'm delighted that it's motivated me to start creating again! :-)