Protein Shake Advertisement Posters - Featuring Hall Of Famers!

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Uploaded: 25th May 2015 at 8:58 PM
I've been racking my brain trying to come up with something for May's monthly theme here on MTS - Fitness! I didn't want to go for another career (though I almost did!), so I decided to fall back on another old favourite of mine - painting recolours. These two recolours are advertisement posters, advertising the FT protein shake (yes, I know you can't actually buy it, but still!) - I thought they'd look good in grocery stores, gyms, health food shops and so on.

As a little twist, they feature two pre-made/user-made Hall Of Famer sims - Carlos Contender (famous boxer from Belladonna Cove) and Valentine Hart (from Peni Griffin's Widespot - in my headcanon/game he's a retired basketball player). After all, famous people often feature in adverts, so why not famous sims?! I came up with a brand name for the protein shake - Forte! I hope to one day make a default replacement for the protein shake, so that sims can actually drink Forte! brand shakes, but I couldn't find it in SimPE in order to create it. Maybe I'll manage at a later date, though....

The poster that I chose to recolour is Maxis' Surfing The Universe, which means that these posters require University. The poster can be found in game under Decorative... Wall Hangings, and costs $59.

Left: Valentine Hart, right: Carlos Contender.

I hope that somebody has a use for these! If you'd like to see them as recolours of other (similarly shaped - i.e. portrait rather than landscape) posters/paintings, be they Maxis/EA or custom, do let me know and I'll see what I can do! :-D

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Peni Griffin for allowing me to feature Widespot's amazing Valentine Hart!

Many thanks once again to the makers of SimPE.

And I'm still loving MTS's monthly themes..... :-D