Fixed Rat Race Magazine

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2010 at 9:38 PM
This mod fixes a small defect in Maxis code spotted by
Originally Posted by scarletwings
When my sims read the magazine 'Rat Race', their interest level in Work doesn't ever seem to increase. This is disappointing, as I want my money sims to be work bores who drone on about profits, promotions, etc.! Would there be any way to fix the magazine?

There are several interest increasing magazines in the Sims 2 game which can be bought from magazine racks on community lots.
  • Rat Race (Work/Money/Crime)
  • Mode:Live (Food/Travel/Weather)
  • Highbrow Review (Politics/Culture/Environment)
  • Young Sim Magazine (Toys/Animals/School)
  • The Superstar Report (Entertainment/Fashion/Sports)
  • Beyond Belief (Sci-Fi/Paranormal/Health)

The defect is that the magazine does not increase the level of interest in the area the Sims is reading about.

Prior to the Freetime EP this defect does not occur. After the Freetime EP this defect does occur, but only in the 'Rat Race' magazine and only for the Work interest. I have checked all the others and they do not suffer from this problem.

You therefore do not need this fix if you do not have the Freetime EP or any EPs after Freetime. However the fix has been done in such a way that it is also safe to put in a Base Game, so you can download it ready to fix a later EP that you plan to buy.

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