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Brainania University Subhood

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Mootilda unfortunately passed away in September of 2014. They were a respected member of the community and contributed to the Simming community for many years.
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Uploaded: 16th Dec 2010 at 3:41 PM
Updated: 19th Aug 2011 at 2:47 AM - Suggest backup before attaching university.

Welcome to Brainania, a university subhood which can be added to your neighborhood.

University EP required.

No custom content.

Brainania is located on a tropical island paradise and was built on top of an inactive volcano. After the last eruption, which destroyed almost all of the buildings in this small island nation, the Most Exalted Ned Limpopo, Prime Minister and Ruler of Brainania, decided to dedicate the nation to his love of learning and rebuilt the island as a university campus.

As you tour our beautiful campus, you'll notice that we have something which no other SimNation university has: academic buildings. Although we are a small university, we have a wide range of departments in the arts and sciences.

The main university campus consists of four quads, surrounding a central park. All of the buildings, though small, are new and modern. A river runs through the central park and underneath the road to continue into two of the quads. Between the other two quads, the river flows beneath the road to tumble in a waterfall over the cliff.

Each department has the latest state-of-the-art equipment and learning aids. Our focus is on sharing of knowledge, and we do everything that we can to make learning easy and enjoyable. Provision has also been made for those who prefer a more classical approach to learning.

But don't think that we ignore life outside of the classroom. There are a wide variety of social and entertainment venues available to help you unwind with friends after a busy day studying. Along with several student-centered lots on campus, just down the hill from the main campus is a small "downtown" area with some popular venues.

Continuing down to the beach on one side of the island, you'll find several dorms. Our dorms, while comfortable, are small and sparsely equipped. In addition, there are several small houses near the beach on the other side of the island. These houses are fully furnished and are available to be rented by up to four students. Although all of the residences are adequate for your time at university, we hope that you will be encouraged to leave your residence and get out onto the campus to take advantage of our many public buildings.

Most of our buildings are wheelchair accessible and their low profile and small size helps them to fit into the landscape. All buildings have access to washroom facilities, to make it easier for you to study in comfort. Several buildings also have food or coffee. In general, the parks do not have facilities.

There's still space available for new lots, including new academic departments on the main campus and residential beach lots if you have Bon Voyage.

We hope that you'll fall in love with our island and won't want to leave... at least until you graduate with honors!


1) Brainania contains no sims. Please see this post for instructions on populating the university:

2) Brainania university departments come in 4 primary types:

- Teaching lots have equipment which allow sims to teach skills to each other. Since these objects are usually career rewards, some people might consider these lots to be "cheating". The EA universities tend to restrict these objects to secret society lots; however, secret society members rarely have any skills, so the objects are basically useless. In Brainania, we've moved these objects onto our community lots, where your professors can help you to learn the skills that you need.

- Skill lots have equipment which allow sims to learn skills on their own. These are usually standard in-game objects and sims will learn skills less easily than from the teaching lots.

- Fun lots are not centered around skills, except peripherally. Instead, they focus on some other (usually fun) activity.

- Decorative lots are lots which serve no real purpose except as decorations. If you are interested in adding new departments, these are the lots which will be missed the least.

3) Most of the lots are weather-proof if you have Seasons. However, some of the "Downtown" lots have raised ceilings, which means that they may not be weather-proof. It's very simple to close a building against the weather; just add some flooring above the main level.

4) Most community lots have stereos, rather than the standard community speakers. Speakers restrict you to dancing with someone, which may not be appropriate, especially if you don't know each other. Stereos give you more flexibility to dance alone until you become acquainted. However, stereos need to be turned on to function; you'll probably want to develop the habit of turning on the stereo when you enter a community lot.

5) Some objects may drop to the floor if the lot is reset. A reset can occur for various reasons, but the most common is the installation of a new EP or SP. Objects have been placed so that they will not interfere with traffic flow even if they drop to the floor. If a reset occurs, you can either leave the objects in their new location, or edit the lot to place the objects onto a table. Objects which will drop include:
- Champagne bottles
- Fingerprint scanners
- Thinking caps

6) If Nightlife is your last EP, please see this post:

7) If Mansions & Gardens is your last EP / SP, please see this post:

You will find more information about the individual lots in the comments for this thread.


1) Open Brainania.7z using 7Zip. If you don't have 7zip installed, you can download it here:

2) Extract MooU to your The Sims 2 University installation directory, under the subdirectory: TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate. This directory will also contain the three shipped universities under the names U001, U002, and U003.

For example, if you used the standard installation procedure, you would copy the MooU folder to C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 University\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate.

3) backup your neighborhood before attaching Brainania, just in case something goes wrong. You can remove the backup as soon as you are sure that Brainania was added correctly.

4) To add Brainania to a neighborhood, just run the game and add Brainania as you would any of the shipped universities.


If you like, it's possible to modify the Brainania subhood template. For example, you may want to change existing lots or add lots with objects from newer EPs, or you may want to add a selection of young adult sims or NPCs. Of course, you can make these changes after the subhood has been added to a neighborhood, but it's also possible to make the changes to the template itself, so that the changed subhood will be added to any future neighborhoods. The steps are almost identical to those for creating a subhood. Please see this thread for more information:

Additional Credits:

This subhood was created using the following tutorial:

Thanks to Numenor for the AnyGameStarter, which allowed me to make this neighborhood with just the University EP:

Thanks to StephSim for the terrain, which I modified to meet my needs. This wonderful terrain was the inspiration for Brainania:

If you would prefer to download the modified version of the terrain (SC4), you can download it here. Please be sure to thank StephSim's download thread, since she did almost all of the work.

It is also possible to copy the entire terrain to a new neighborhood ( including roads, trees, and deco) using HoodReplace:

Thanks to Numeror for making the waterfalls available without requiring custom content:

Thanks to Peter and Inge Jones for SimPE, which allowed me to renumber the community lots so that they were in alphabetic order. Since there are a large number of community lots, it was difficult to find a specific lot when they were in a random order:

Thanks to frillen for making non-buyable objects available without requiring custom content:

Thanks to Sophie-David for making aspiration and career rewards available without requiring custom content:

Thanks to Inge Jones for the Portal Revealer, which allowed me to check and tweak the portal locations, which is especially important for 1-tile wide and corner lots:

These lots were created using the shrinking feature of the LotAdjuster to ensure maximum use of available space, and to make multiple buildings appear as one larger building. The LotAdjuster was also used to make many of the lots into corner lots.

If you want to learn how to make several small buildings appear as one larger building, here is a tutorial by plasticbox:

Rather than using the constrainfloorelevation cheat, I used the TS2GridAdjuster to create the interesting roof lines and curved bridge:

All of the lots were compressed using the LotCompressor:

Finally, I'd like to thank Steven Spielberg for Pinky and the Brain: