Fences - No Posts

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Uploaded: 5th Mar 2011 at 11:12 PM
Updated: 31st Jul 2013 at 1:11 AM
It seems like every time I build a house I find something in the game that makes me go wtf EA? This time it's the fence from Outdoor Living Stuff. Sure fences from other EPs have also made me wonder about EA, but the patio fence from OLS really takes the cake. ...the caek is a lie!...

This mod will take two base game fences, a WA fence, and the OLS fence and make it so that there is not a post at every tile. Not all meshes will support not having a post at every tile and I've only modified ones that do or that still look appropriate without it.

This alters the CFEN resource and will conflict with any other mod that does so. This is a default override of the fences and the only resource in the package is the CFEN.

Included Fences:
  • Balustrade (FencePedimentBalustradeSuiteComp) - Base
  • Mission (FenceMissionInteriorSuiteComp) - Base
  • Renoit (fenceExteriorFranceSuite) - WA
  • Patio (FencePatioSuiteComp) - OLS
There is one zip file that has all the fixes, just delete any from EPs you don't have. Files can be combined with no issues.

Any fence placed with this mod in will stay the same if the mod is removed and the lot re-entered, so it might stay that way if packaged. It does stay with no posts on every tile if the lot is binned and placed elsewhere in the town.