Non Default - Complete Skill Books Revised

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Uploaded: 4th Apr 2013 at 4:14 AM
Updated: 24th Jun 2014 at 4:56 AM
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This is a set of Complete Skill - Non Default Books, meaning these are all new books and does not edit or alter any of the Default Books.
  • Your Sim can learn all levels of each of skill except those noted below.
  • Each skill max is level 10 unless followed by the max in parentheses.
  • Complete Skill and Know Your Fish books are 100 pages and cost 100 Simoleans
  • You can buy the books at any bookstore in Sunset Valley, Twinbrook, Bridgeport, etc., as well as the Book Registers in World Adventures Vacation Worlds (France, China, & Egypt) and in the University World, as well as Oasis Landing (Into the Future)
  • Only the books for the EP's you have will show up in your game. So if you have the Base Game, World Adventures, and University Life; you will not see books from the other EP's. I have tested multiple game configurations without any issues
  • While it only requires the Base Game, in order for the other books in the EP's to show up, you will need that EP
  • Children can read most books, I didn't add this to some as it really didn't make sense

There are 2 methods to achieve the goal of reading the Skill books faster.
  • Method 1 involves raising the amount of skill points per page. As the Sim reads, the amount of skill points are added for each page read. So if you choose SkillBooks20, each page is worth 20 skill points
  • Method 2 involves raising the amount of pages a Sim can read in a minute. Since there have been many requests for raising the speed for ALL books, I'm adding these as an alternative to Method 1.
NOTE: You must choose whether you only want the Complete Skill Books to change (method 1) or All Books to change (method 2), YOU CAN ONLY USE 1 VERSION OF THIS MOD AT A TIME.

METHOD 1: Only the Complete Skill Books change, All other books are still default
EA Default: Levels 0-3 at 5 skill points per page, Levels 4-6 at 9 skill points per page, Levels 7-10 at 14 skill points per page
SkillBooks5.rar - 5 skill points per page (Half Speed)
SkillBooks10.rar - 10 skill points per page (Default)
SkillBooks20.rar - 20 skill points per page (2X)
SkillBooks100.rar - 100 skill points per page (10X)
SkillBooksInstant.rar - 10000 skill points per page

METHOD 2: All Books change, each version contains the Complete Sill Books at 10 skill points per page
EA Default Speed - 1ppm, Bookworm 2ppm
AllBooks2x.package - 2ppm, Bookworm 4ppm
AllBooks3x.package - 3ppm, Bookworm 6ppm
AllBooks5x.package - 5ppm, Bookworm 10ppm
AllBooks10x.package - 10ppm, Bookworm 20ppm
AllBooks100x.package - 100ppm, Bookworm 200ppm

Know Your Fish Books can be found under the Fishing Books, also for 100 Simoleans. You can learn All the Fish with One Book! Like the Skill Books, you will only see the books you have the EP for, They are:
Complete Skill: Know Your Base Game Fish
Complete Skill: Know Your World Adventures Fish
Complete Skill: Know Your Supernatural Fish

This simply allows any sim of any age, who has been potty trained or learned the potty training, to use the potty chair. Note that sims, child through elder, merely stand in front of the potty chair to relieve their bladder. The nice thing about this, your sims will relieve their bladder without privacy issues.

  • This is a Tuning Mod and it was created with patch 1.50.56
  • This mod edits the Books.xml from GamePlayData.package, and will conflict with any other mod which does the same.
  • It only changes how fast you can learn a skill by reading "these books", if your sim reads the Default Skill Books they will learn at the game default rate.
  • This mod does NOT, in any way, edit or alter the Skills or the points to reach skill levels. So you would be able to use a mod which speeds up skills.
  • Hidden Skills do not show up in the Skill Journal, if you want to see the levels of Hidden Skills, you will need to find a mod which makes hidden skills visible in the journal

- CmarNYC for Easy STBL Manager
- ralphaelninja, for Sim Selector allowing me to test multiple game configurations for compatibility.
- Twallan, Nraas Industries for letting me know the issues with Ambitions displaying untranslated strings
- Echo for Postal and her insight in the New Books thread
- Others in the same thread, who asked questions, which I was able to take advantage of
- Peter Jones for S3PE