Glowing Hero Ensemble

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Uploaded: 26th Apr 2011 at 1:46 AM
Updated: 27th Apr 2011 at 8:40 PM

Ever wanted that outfit that just lights up a room? Now you can have it, and save the world at the same time! I know what you have to be asking yourself, "Let me guess the helmet is free and the rest I have to send checks out to get, right?". Well you would be wrong! You get everything seen below for the one time, non-recurring, no intrest accrewing $0.00! Thats right! Free!

This is a Full Bodysuit including a Helmet with a glass visor, a cape, a bodysuit, and a pair of boots. The Helmet is from Ambitions, but I am not sure you need this as I made a new mesh from it that is glowing, and not recolorable. As for recolorable options, this is not possible with glowing clothing.

The Cape can be found for men in CAS under Accessories in the Glasses Section, and looks like a standard face with no glasses or anything, see example:

For women the cape will look like an arm with no bracelet, and a tiny part of the non glowing cape behind it (if you look closely), see example:

All items are available for Adults, and Young adults, the cape is available for teens and elders too, and the helmet is availble for teens as well. The parts are available as sleepwear, formal wear, normal wear, athletic wear, and swimwear, basically all categories as saving the world is a full time job!

Bugs: Glowing Clothing items cannot use Morphs, which means no matter how fat your sim is, they will look normal in this suit. For Example this screenshot shows the same sim in and out of the ensemble:

There is also a bit of neck skin that comes through the helmet on portlier characters, for example:



The Glowing also does not support underwater so the outfit is invisible when underwater, and you will get floating head syndrome whilst underwater, Example:

Polygon Counts:
Cape: 3752 Polygons 1878 Vertices
Body: 3562 Polygons 2134 verticies
Boots: 764 Polygons 638 Verticies
Helmet: 1220 Polygons 970 Verticies

Cape: 3752 Polygons 2498 Verticies
Body: 3762 Polygons 2266 Verticies
Boots: 764 Polygons 644 Verticies
Helmet: 1220 Polygons 970 Verticies

Additional Credits:
Thanks to SydneyB at Fallout Nexus for the Ashuras Batman Suit and Catwoman Suit from which the cape is derived, and from whom permision has been received.
Great MOD Sydney B!!!

Thanks to the CTU team for CTU