Superhero Suits for everyone

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2011 at 10:08 PM
Updated: 3rd Aug 2011 at 5:23 PM - Forgot to include recolorable info

Now you can dress ALL of your sims up in a superhero costume!

These costumes are not supposed to represent any specific hero, any likeness to any supero, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This pack includes the following designs for Males:

With these designs for Females:

Also with these designs for Todlers:

Included with this download are Capes for you hero as well, the included designs are:

All designs are recolorable, including the capes. To identify the recolorable channels, note the colors on the screenshots, Red is the primary recolorable channel, Black is the secondary, Blue is the Third, and Purple is the fourth. For the last two capes, the first one has three colorable channels, the Back, the inside, and the edges, and the american flag one is also recolorable, the channels are currently Red (primary) White (secondary), and Blue (trutiary).

All designs are for all ages, and both genders, the designs can be found in all categories, except for Formal Wear

Note you can pick and choose what ages and genders to download by selecting the download that fits your needs, or dont download any, and just download the capes if you like. All of the files are labeled with the age and gender included.

In Post #33 of this thread, Leander informed me of a bug that I was not even aware of. Aparantly the Meshes I copied from did not have a Normal Map associated with it, and therefore the new Late Night Muscle Deffinition Slider did not work with a few of the outfits while playing the game, this affected Teens and Elderly outfits. This update fixes this issue, see the below illustration of the Before and After of this issue. Note that ONLY affected the Teens, and the Elderly Downloads, so there is no need to re-download any other age group files.

Polygon Counts:
Elderly Female:
Design 1: 3762 Polygons 2271 Vertices
Design 2: 3870 Polygons 2329 Vertices

Elderly Male:
Design 1: 3562 Polygons 2132 Vertices
Design 2: 3562 Polygons 2132 Vertices

Adult Female:
Design 1: 3762 Polygons 2266 Vertices
Design 2: 3762 Polygons 2264 Vertices

Adult Male:
Design 1: 3562 polygons 2134 vertices
Design 2: 3562 polygons 2132 vertices

Teen Female:
Design 1: 3762 Polygons 2257 Vertices
Design 2: 3762 Polygons 2255 Vertices

Teen Male:
Design 1: 3562 Polygons 2133 Vertices
Design 2: 3562 Polygons 2132 Vertices

Child (Unisex):
Design 1: 2844 Polygons 1768 vertices
Design 2: 2844 polygons 1768 vertices

Todler (Unisex)
Single design: 2852 Polygons 1872 Vertices

All ages: 3752 Polygons 2498 Vertices

Additional Credits:
Thanks to SydneyB at Fallout Nexus for the Ashuras Batman Suit and Catwoman Suit from which the cape is derived, and from whom permision has been received.
Great MOD Sydney B!!!
Thanks to Leander for noticing a problem with these outfits, so I could correct this. Great eye Leander!
Thanks to Delphy for the wonderfull CAS Part Editor (CTU)!!!
Thanks to CmarNYC for the MorphMaker!!
Thanks to EsmeraldaF for the Mr. Skeleto, used in cape screenshots