Sims 4 Superman Outfit

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Uploaded: 8th Sep 2014 at 1:52 PM
Updated: 18th Sep 2014 at 6:41 PM - spelling errors

Clark Kent has just arrived in Sims 4 (or at least his Super-Suit has).

Now you can make the man of steel in your copy of Sims 4!

This download does not include a sim, just the outfit for Teens, Young Adult, Adult, and Elderly Sims. Capes are beyond me for Sims 4 still, hopefully they will be a possibility later!

The top can be found in the Tee-Shirts section, the color choices on the shirt are between full shirt, and logo only shirt. The pants can be found in the Skin Tight section, and the color options there select between the Modern version (current comic book version), and the traditional version.

I used Color Magic, and S4PE to create this mod, both can be found here on this site.

You can mix and match the outfit types, three examples are the one above, and these two:

Hope you enjoy!

I originally used the Nude Male mesh to create this outfit, so as to not have anything weird with lighting and shadows, but recently discovered that has caused a problem. The problem is that if anyone creates a default nude replacement, the pants will use that for the bottoms, causing a rather x-rated Superman. I have updated the file to now use the Boxer-Briefs mesh (the same one I used for the Briefs that I released). I scrutinized this closely, and do not see any weird lighting so there are no noticeable changes to the bottoms (other than that I reduced the seams on the edges of the traditional ones as I found them a little too noticeable), and they still use the same swatches. I also discovered an Maxis-unused category called Leggings in Color Magic, and Skin Tight in game, and have moved the pants to that category.
The new/unlocked category: