Fractional Walls

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2011 at 7:55 PM
Updated: 29th Oct 2011 at 5:13 PM
I always wanted walls with different height "dado", which I find very useful for decorating, and while I loved those by JaneSamborski and HugeLunatic I needed something more simple and plain I could use with any pattern, so I rolled my sleeves up and I made them myself.

The walls have the dado half way up, two thirds up and three quarters up (the original EA dado is one third up the wall). You can use any pattern and most tiles will line up with the top of the dado. I also added a slight shadow to the top edge to give it some depth, so I also made a wall with the original EA dado height with the shadow:

You can find them in the Misc. wall category, since I figured it was the most uncluttered one, and they only have one simple preset (see screenshot below) but, hey, that's where your creativity steps in!

Screenshots CC credits:
1/2 wall: counters by plasticbox, wall plates by me, tile pattern by Ritsuka, included in the "Giant Panda" lot (I think).
2/3 wall: bed set by AweSims, runner rug by B5Studio, lamps by Exotic Elements, framed photos by Lemonjelly.
3/4 wall: wall lamp from the EA store, framed prints by B5Studio, tile pattern by JaneSamborski.
Dado wall: chair from the EA store, rug by B5Studio, lamp by AweSims, sideboard by Lisen801, framed print by me, phone by Eight/Three, pattern on lamp by plasticbox.
All other patterns and objects are from the game.

Additional Credits:
Made with TRSW and Photoshop CS4, converted to package files with Sim3Pack Multi Installer.

UPDATE: walls are apparently not affected by Pets and the latest patch, so these should be OK, let me know if you have any trouble though.