Wall fixes + one new wall

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Uploaded: 27th Jan 2011 at 6:48 PM
This set might look a little mixed, but I didn't see a point in uploading these separately.

What I have done?

I have been annoyed by the fact that EA's wall_full_siding left and right have a pretty corner, but it's not separatedly castable. So I made it so.

There is one preset as you can see on the pic. Two castable channels instead of one in the original.

File names are:
wall_full_siding_left_castable_corner and wall_full_siding_right_castable_corner
Cost: 8 §

Then I have been annoyed by the large bathroom tile by EA too (yes, many things EA make annoy me ). So I fixed the top.

The wall still has 3 castable channels, but the top is prettier now One preset, the one in picture.

File name is: wall_tile_bathroom large_fixed
Cost: 5 §

And last thing I did was make a wall out of EA's floor tile.

I like the floortile, and I wanted a wall to match it. So I made one. 3 castable channels, one preset, the one in pic.

File name is: wall_tile_floor_copy
Cost: 4 §

The walls are base game compatible. These are not default replacements, and can be found in walls -> tiles and wood walls.

What to download?
I have packed the walls separatedly and all-in-one. The rar-files have explanations, read them to decide which one you want. Just some or all. NOTE: If you decide to download the one that says (all) then you don't need to download any other rars.

Additional Credits:
People at #create for commenting

TSRW, Photoshop and Paint.Net being the programs I used.