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3 new railings

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2012 at 9:04 AM
Never satisfied, am I?

Here are 3 new railings that match those EA fences. 1 requested by heaven, 2 others I wanted myself.

Some of the textures have been repo-linked to the fence textures. The split rail one I had to remap completely - EA can apparently make horrible maps :P

Please note that the 6 step versions (frieze height) may not look good with all patterns, due how the bottom part mod1 repeats.

Here are the infos

NameCatalog locationPricePolys highlodPolys mod1Polys mod2ChannelsPresets
Pediment balustrade railingBuild - stairs and railings - railingso336/168144/72232/13211
Brick wall railingBuild - stairs and railings - railingso96/6096/60144/9221
Split rail railingBuild - stairs and railings - railingso54/3654/3636/1821

I hope you enjoy them

Additional Credits:
Heaven for the request, Lee for tons of help and suggestions.