Rosa Suns

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Age: Young Adult
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Favorites: Stir Fry, Indie, Yellow
Traits: Artistic, Clumsy, Eco-Friendly, Good Sense of Humor, Savvy Sculptor
Lifetime Wish: Descendant of da Vinci
Bio: She comes from a close family, hence the yellow that both her and her brother Gonzalo loves so much. Since childhood, her life has been filled with lots of vibrant colors, most of which she spilled because she has a weird habit of being clumsy; her accidents are purely unintentional. However, she also saw some of the waste that can come about when creating art, so she vowed to use recyclables and reuse them to not only save money, but the planet also. This also explains her outfit choices. Eventhough she comes from a wealthy family, she like thrift and consignment stores; always looking for a great bargains for anything. When she bought her art studio, she got it from an older guy who didn't want it and was about to tear it down. It was challange to get the building back up to safety codes, but she manage to do it with the help of her brother and friends.


This sim is packed with default skin and hair.

If you don't want to download all of the content, just PLEASE at least download the skin and sliders. Thank you.

I use Twallan's Master Controller.

However, if you want the whole sim (sims3pack), download from my blog: Rosa Suns @ Sleepy-Genius Sims 3 Blog .

.SIM files do not transfer anything. You will have to download and place in your downloads folder.
.SIMS3PACK files transfer everything (hair, makeup, etc.), except for sliders.


Formal Outfit by Rusty Nail:
Formal Shoes by All-About-Style: (Platform Sandal)
Athletic Top by Poppy Sims: (Turquoise and White long sleeve)
Swimwear by Liana Sims:
Sleep by Ny.Girl:

Skin and Face
Skin by Ephemera: (ESkin_NV1_Sunny)
Hair by Raon: http://www.***/item/
Eyebrows by Jessica_2020:
Eyes by Shady:
Eyeshadow by Evie:
Eyeliner by Danzxncrd:
Blush / Pores by Shyne:
Lips by IN3S:
Feet Replacement by Bloom: (not necessary, but nice to have)

Facial Sliders by Ahmad:
Head Shape Sliders by Jonha:
Breast Sliders by Delphy:
Lip Thickness Slider by Jasumi:
Chin to Neck Slider by Heiret:
GEOM Slider Set "Nose Septum" by aWT:
Chin Width Slider by GnatGoSplat:

Expansions / Stuff Used: The Sims 3: Ambitions, Town Life

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the creators who made the used poses.