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Sybilla Brostrom

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Uploaded: 7th Apr 2013 at 11:31 AM
Updated: 17th Apr 2013 at 8:04 PM
Hi again and here i am with another sim to share i hope everyone likes her as much as i do

Sybilla Brostrom is a teen of Swedish decent.she was born on a big ranch in Appaloosa Plains where she still resides today with her father and four older brothers.being the only girl in a family of men has it's ups and downs probably more ups though considering she gets away with a lot more haha.

she's somewhat of a tomboy which is no surprise she loves animals and gardening horse racing is her passion she loves the freedom of being on horse back makes her forget her worries and is fun to

losing her mother at the age of two to an incurable disease has been very hard for her her father doesn't like to talk about it so it's a subject she rarely brings up because she hates seeing him upset.but she's learned to live with it as she has no other choice it's do that are either be sad all the time she's certain her mother would not want that for her so she's usually a very happy person.

She has a great relationship with her siblings to they are thick as thieves.

gather,animal lover,eco friendly,green thumb

fried peanut butter banana sandwich,hot pink,songwriter


(packaged with ea hair and default skin)

custom content used(not included)
234jiao TS3 Asian skin non-default&default(9.2) updated for late night By 234jiao
Lipstick N26 By sclub privee
Cool sims hair 94 retextured by Poseidon God of The Sea
High Waist Flare Jeans by aas
Ultra-Plain Eyes : Default by tamo

custom sliders used
Facial Sliders by Ahmad
XCAS core mod: (increased slider range by 4) by cmarNYC
Lip Fatness Slider by jasumi

You don't need to download the cc to play with her it's fine to play without it but i do recommend the custom sliders(but you don't absolutely need them) enjoy!