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Pet Tombstone Shadow Fix

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2012 at 7:10 PM
Despite the fact that urns are only urns whilst indoors and become tombstones when placed outside, this did not stop EA from including a sun shadow for the urn state as part of the mesh. So, even though you cannot see the actual urn when you place a tombstone outside, it still casts a shadow!

This file removes the extra urn sun shadows from the cat and dog tombstones that came with Pets. Horse and unicorn tombstones are unaffected.

The resources that I altered are:
tombstoneDog MODL & MLOD with instance 0x0000000048BF3A68
tombstoneCat MODL & MLOD with instance 0x0000000048B40BFC
If you have any other mods that alter these same resources then they will conflict!

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop.