Annika Frout

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Annika Frout is a deceptively beautiful city-dweller in New York City. She has the mind of a criminal, and the aspirations of a master villan. Her green cat eyes will lure you into a trap you can't get out of. She was once a part of many gangs, but quit all of them and decided that she operates solo.

Traits: Flirty, Great Kisser, Evil, Dislikes Children, Mean Spirited.
Favorites: Classical, Pancakes, Red.

CC Used:
Eyeball Replacement Mesh by awtmk
"Lithum Kiss" - Silky Hairstyle for Females (Teen to Elder)
"Bare Naturals"- Vibrant Eyebrows for Females (Teen to Elder) by Elexis
"Simply Sweet" - Tasty Lipsticks Set For Females in Cotton Candy by Elexis
Eyebags MEGAPACK - 8 Styles!! by Arisuka
Cheeky Blush Duo by LadyFrontbum
Naughty & Nice Female Skins by LadyFrontbum
Mettallic String Bikini Set by LadyFrontbum
The Ellie Essentials by dutch
Her everyday outfit needs to be unlocked in simport, I'm pretty sure there is a mod on here that will unlock all the simport rewards.

Custom Sliders Used:
Hermi's Lip shape slider is no longer available, so I included it in this download.
Eyeball Sliders Set by awtmk
Mature Girls Set (Nose and Brow Ridge Sliders) ONLY the brow ridge slider, by Jasumi
I also used a slider range multiplier, the body is x2 and the face is x3. You can get this with Master Controller, awesomemod, and I believe awtmk has something that does this too. I used Master Controller.

IMPORTANT! If you haven't installed the sliders above and try to edit Annika in CAS, she will "snap" to a slightly different version of herself.

Custom Content Included:
- Lip Shape Slider by Hermi

Tags: #Evil, #young adult, #sim, #girl, #city, #gang, #mafia, #female