New School Tattoo Pack

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Uploaded: 9th Aug 2012 at 9:15 PM

This pack contains twenty-one tattoos that are all (broadly) "new school" in design... though that is a pretty wide definition. Things that define new school artwork - in contrast to "old school" tattoos from the earlier half of the twentieth century - tend to include extremely bold, bright colours, with heavy and sometimes exaggerated outlines. Shapes are often bigger, brasher, and sometimes cartoonish, which I think makes the style very suitable for Sims conversions.

Obviously, this pack is much more general than my Sailor Jerry and Angelique Houtkamp conversions, but there is plenty of variation, and many of the designs will work well in a variety of placements. You can also vary the effects you get tremendously, just by changing the colours.


Here are some of the designs in-game, in bright, bold colours:

And here, some in a more traditional palette. The different sizings and types of design are intended to offer maximum versatility, giving you lots of choice without huge quantities of downloads. Please note that, in this screenshot, I used Cmar's expanded tattoo placement mod (available here at MTS or as part of Twallan's Master Controller) to demonstrate different groupings and, ahem, a "cheeky" option for one of the smaller designs. :D

Full illustration of all twenty-one designs in the screenshots. Pick and choose your favourites, or add the whole pack to your game!


These are tattoos, not accessories, and they are basegame compatible from patch 1.12 upwards.

Model Credits

All sims by me. Skins are Wild, V.2 by Navetsea (link is to the non-Barbie skin) and eyes are default Pixie by stefizzi. All the body hair is by TummyZa. The swim trunks on two models are basegame.

Jared (in the black swim trunks; he is available for download here) wears AlfredAskew's Backswept Short Curly Hair Converted! by collin2, Eyebrows #1 from HP's Under Your Brows set, REALipstick and cheek pores by Shyne, eyebags by Arisuka ("natural" option), and piercings by necrodog (spiral in the left ear, plug in the right).

Alan (in the blue trunks) has Generations hair and no make-up. He's just not that vain.

Christian, the tacky beast in that metallic posing pouch by Lady Frontbum, has Pets hair (I think), Mocha eyeshadow, also by Lady FB, and Whipped Cream Lipstick by HP. He also wears this stubble blush by Aanderz, and the eyebrows on him and Alan are very probably either from HP's Under Your Brows set, or default replacements by Simmiller. Christian's multiple piercings are by aikea_guinea.

Phew. I think that's it.

Additional Credits:
All hail the mighty Cmar, her Tattooinator and her tutorials.

Also, the GIMP, the two people whose Simlish fonts I used in this and my Sailor Jerry pack, and whoever the original creators of the artwork I based these designs on were. It's hard to trace original artists when things are floating around uncredited on tattoo blogs and websites, but no copyright infringement is intended.