Mid-Western Grace

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Mid-Western Grace is a Georgian Greek Revival styled home inspired by the grand old homes in Mid-Western America, once known as "The Wild West".

Although she lacks most modern appliances, Mid Western Grace is very much is favour of the good ol' days when horses were the only way to travel, and stage coaches travelled the dry, dusty lands of the newly emerging western America, She has 3 large verandas to sit out on and enjoy the surroundings, with a closed in veranda on the upper rear and lower left hand side, which are being used as a nursery and sun room respectively. There is also a barn for your horses or car, space for a vegetable garden, an out house and a large lawn. She's freshly painted and ready to go, all she needs is that perfect Mid-Western/Wild West neighbourhood, or which ever neighbourhood you desire her in.

On the ground floor you will find 3 verandas, a hall way, bathroom, kitchen, dinning room, parlour and sun room, there are also 2 staircases allowing access to the upper floors.
While on the upper floors you will find a landing/hall way, 5 bedrooms, a nursery and a bathroom, the back staircase also proviedes access to the attic; which you are free to use as you may.

Mid-Western Grace is situated on a 40 by 30 lot, costing 129,165 Simoleons Furnished, and 89760Simoleons Un-Furnished. But at 5 bedrooms she is a nest with a lot of room for a family.

So why don't you come visit, there's room in the nest, on this little patch of heaven way out west!

P.S. Sorry for the 'Home On The Range' references.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 129,165 Simoleons