Ridge Hall

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Way out west on the Great Plains, high on a bluff, stands 'Ridge Hall', an imposing brick-built Italianate home. The majority of the house dates back to the 1860's, when the plains were still being freshly settled by white Americans from the east. 'Ridge Hall' was built by a wealthy east coast "farmer", named Herman Beaufort, as the jewel in the crown of his new cattle ranch. He's much famed for having lived in the extravagant new property for less than a year. Finished in late summer Herman and his wife moved in straight away, Herman then embarked on an ambitious landscaping scheme, however this came to a dramatic end when tornado season arrived. Terrified, Herman, his wife and their many servants all took shelter in the basement on multiple occasions over the season. However this wasn't the reason for their hasty departure back to the east coast, the arrival of summer and its unbearable dry heat is what had them hot-footing it back east.

Not wanting to give up on the cattle ranch, Herman proceeded to run the ranch from the east with his second in command living in 'Ridge Hall'. The home stayed in the Beaufort family for two further generations until the dust bowls of the 1920's killed off a large portion of the cattle stock forcing them to put the house and ranch up for auction at a knock-down price. The ranch land was purchased by various neighboring ranchers, and the house, by a San Diego businessmen, Marvin Reyworth,, naive enough to think he could buy it cheap and hold on to it until the economy recovered and then sell it on for a healthy profit. His naivety really shot him in the foot as the economic turmoil lasted almost a decade, by which time his domineering wife, Margaret, had taken a keen liking to the home as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of San Diego society. Fortunately for Margaret, Marvin blew his brains out when his business hit the rocks, right on the cusp of economic upturn. Margaret then moved the family out to 'Ridge Hall', although her children soon flew the nest back to the west coast, away from the clutches of their overbearing mother. Margaret then lived out the rest of her years in the home. Upon her death a bitter squabble broke out among her children over who should inherit the home. A decade of legal battles later, the home had fallen into a state of neglect and was put back on the market at a reduced price. The home was then purchased by a Denver businessman and restored, before becoming his family's winter holiday home. And that's the way it has remained.

Lot Info:
The home boasts three porches, five reception rooms, eight bedrooms, a nursery and playroom, a kitchen and pantry,
The lot costs 222,725 simoleons furnished and 134,144 simoleons unfurnished, and it built on a 40 by 40 lot.
All of the fireplaces have been upgraded to fireproof.
It was built and pictured in the Sims 3 Creators' Consortium world the Wild Wild West. I cannot recommend that world enough. It's so gorgeous.

The home has been sitting patiently in my game for a very long time, and has been play-tested at full capacity. I hope you'll all enjoy it! As usual; any issues, just let me know.

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): 134,144 simoleons
Lot Price (unfurnished): 222,725 simoleons