Lamauxe House

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I've been meaning to upload this New Orleans-themed house for quite a while now, but everything time I went to package it I ended up chasing mysterious floating ceiling tiles, as if often the case when you use the CFE cheat. Thankfully that issue now seems to have been resolved. So here you go:

Originally believed to have been built, in part, in 1799 as a more modest Creole style house, the fortunes of the house changed dramatically in the 1830s when it was bought for Byron Lamauxe. Byron was the illegitimate son of a wealthy banker's daughter and a house boy. Whilst cherished by his biological family he was brought up discreetly in the house that now bares his name, away from prying eyes where his mother could visit and lavish him with all he could want in those brief hours each day that she could steal away to the house on the edge of the district. In preparation for his arrival the house was updated into the Greek Revival style and gained a new symmetrical facade, previously only the left hand side existed in its Creole townhouse form; with a side passage providing access from the front to the rear staircase and kitchen. The central staircase and new wrought iron filigree balcony cemented the house's gentrification into the American Greek Revival style.

Eventually Byron's mother was married off to someone more suitable and carted off all the way to Savannah, never to see her son again and never to forget him either, after her death a collection of letters were found demonstrating that she tried to remain in contact although they were never truly reunited. Rumour has it that this separation and the subsequent death of his grandfather led Byron to begin dabbling in the magic of his father's people in search of solace and a higher power. Regardless, he used his inherited wealth to gain access to the parties of his grandfather's friends and his magic to perform party tricks in order to earn the favour of many of the social elites in attendance. Byron became very popular and was a notable guest at most major public events, he even adopted a magical protege in the form of a well-mannered mysterious young girl of colour whom he referred to as 'Keke'. He paraded her around flaunting her at many parties, the two of them had a need to be the centre of attention. Although with the onslaught of war and social upheaval they both faded into the background of society and their party tricks became potions, spells and remedies for those with the money, sold out of an upstairs bedroom under the cover of night when their clients wouldn't be observed coming and going.

A further century of updates later led to the house changing further. In the 1880s the rear ell was expanded to create the new side porch overlooking the garden as well as a new office and bedroom suite above. It was around this time that 'The Purple Room' came into being, it was added by an elderly Keke and some say she used it as her seance room because its location in the oldest part of the house gave it stronger links to the other side.
The early 1900s saw a revival in the Neoclassical style and so the house was 'restored' to a more romantic vision of its earlier forms by Keke's adopted protege. The filigree balcony was removed from the facade and replaced by a more imposing Neoclassical style double gallery porch which was deemed more in-keeping with the modern taste. Fortunately the filigree balcony was salvaged and instated on the side of the house where it remains today.

Lot Info:
The house was built on a 40 by 40 lot in Sinkala's Morreaux and costs 258,701 Simoleons furnished and 148 Simoleons unfurnished.
All of the fireplaces and the stove have been upgraded to 'Fireproof' and then most of the sinks toilets and baths have been upgraded to 'Unbreakable'.

CC. Required But Not Included:
Seperated Shutters by alverdine

As usual, if you have any issues, please do let me know!

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Johnny Bravo, cutsocks and Crowkeeper for their opinions and advice when I was struggling with the front porch columns!

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): 258,701 Simoleons
Lot Price (unfurnished): 148,984 Simoleons

Custom Content Included:
- Cornices by AweSims