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Shiftable Curtains [Base Game - Island Paradise]

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Uploaded: 23rd Sep 2013 at 2:17 PM
Updated: 23rd Sep 2013 at 2:43 PM
This mod is a default override for EA curtains, shutters and awnings that enables them to shift up and down walls.
All of them have the correct diagonal shift except for any 3 tile wide curtains and the awning end pieces - those never had a correct diagonal shift to begin with and I couldn't figure out how to fix them.
I have also enabled these to be placed off walls and (most of them) can intersect other objects without use of the "moveobjects" cheat. They are still flagged as a wall object though, so when placed on a wall they will still hide with walls down/cut away.
All of them automatically purchase another after placement, including the awnings.

Diagonal shift examples:

Fixed the diagonal shifts for these two:

Can be placed off walls and intersect other objects without cheats:

To try and deflate the bloated misc deco section, I have recategorised the two canopies from Generations to show up under the curtains section instead of misc deco in function sort. These also show up under room sort>kids>wall decortaions.
A canopy from Supernatural has been moved from misc deco to the curtains category as well.

Separate files are included for the base game and each expansion and stuff pack that comes with curtains up to and including Island Paradise, except for the Katy Perry Stuff pack. I do not plan on purchasing Movie Stuff or Into the Future either.
There are also 2 combination files, one that combines all the expansion packs, and one that includes the whole lot.

This mod is a default override and changes each curtain's OBJD resource, it will conflict with any other mod that also changes this resource.
If you have a conflicting mod in your downloads, nothing serious will occur, but this mod's intentions may not take effect. You can make this mod 'higher priority' by popping it in your overrides folder, or removing the conflicting mod.

More Shiftable Stuff:
Me - Mirrors Shift & Hide With Walls Down
HugeLunatic - Shiftable Cabinets (This also makes them hide with the walls down.)

-Enjoy! Al

Additional Credits:
Peter L. Jones - s3pe
Twallan - DebugEnabler (For those of you wondering, DebugEnabler lets you find out the file name of objects quickly in-game, so you can bypass having to hunt them down in s3oc.)