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Shiftable Cabinets

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2010 at 7:36 AM
Updated: 26th Jun 2012 at 3:19 PM
What this mod does
This fix will allow you to shift all wall cabinets by EA (EP/SP only) up/down the wall, as well as make them go down with walls. This fix also lets you shift island cabinets up/down, but they don't hide when walls down (see pic to see why I left them like this). The wall cabinet corner pieces also shift.

That window in the middle of the wall is one from the BauHaus set from the store and placed to give you an idea of the wall cabinet heights.

How to shift
When placing keep the left mouse button pressed after it snaps to the wall, then move your mouse forward/backward to slide up/down. Otherwise you can also use ; and ' to shift. Using the ALT key while shifting allows you to shift off grid, so each height doesn't snap to a specific height.

Design Idea with Island Cabinets

Cheats are not necessary as long as the cabinets don't have their bounding boxes overlapping. Pic shown above is done without cheats, if you want to remove the small gap between them then you need to use moveobjects on.

This mod alters the OBJD resource of the cabinets and will conflict with any other mod that also alters this resource.

Additional Notes
*I may or may not do store cabinets once school is done. If I do they will be added to this post and I will post an update in the comments.
*I just noticed my pic of base cabinets shows the country one twice rather than both. Both are shiftable though and included in the fix.
*When placing wall cabinets first and shifting them, the base cabinets snap to a set height below them but jump to floor level once you let go of the mouse.

Other Shiftable Items
Store Stuff
Lights & Misc - Note: Lights are shiftable with a fully patched game but you may want the Easel paintings