Shiftable Fog Emitter

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Uploaded: 12th Mar 2013 at 1:01 AM
Patch 1.42 (the Seasons patch) introduced a new, base game compatible fog emitter, which was awesome... except EA, in all their wisdom, removed/voided the old Ambitions fog emitter, thus breaking whiterider's extraordinarily useful shiftable fog emitter mod (found here). Thankfully, however, whiterider has graciously given me permission to upload an update of the mod, and so without further ado I present the shiftable base game compatible fog emitter, remade for patch 1.50.

This simple OBJD override works exactly the same as whiterider's previous version. It is a default replacement that allows the fog emitter to be shifted up and down as though it were a picture on the wall. You can use the shiftable fog emitter on uploaded lots without requiring the downloader to have this mod, and any effects you used will remain at their altered height. Here's an example of this mod at work:

(The bird is an effect from the fog emitter, in case that wasn't obvious. )

A couple of notes:
  • This mod will conflict with any other mods that alter the base game fog emitter (fogEmitter 319E4F1D:00000000:0000000000989ED8).
  • This mod was created and tested on patch 1.50 and has not been used on any other patch level. While I believe that it should be compatible for 1.42 and above, I have no way to confirm my theory and therefore cannot support it for any other patch level.
  • All credit for this mod goes to whiterider. Thank you for creating the original version, and thank you for allowing me to update it!

Additional Credits:
In addition to whiterider, I'd also like to say thank you (!) to simsample for creating, maintaining, and updating the beautiful world Jericho (as seen in my scarecrow picture). I had no idea how awesome the fog emitter was (and therefore no idea how useful the shifting function is) before I downloaded and explored your wonderfully detailed world.