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Carnegie Library

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Uploaded: 11th Nov 2013 at 2:59 AM
Carnegie Library

My Round 3 Entry for Qbuilderz's Foundation Contest was this wonderful library, inspired by any given number of small-town libraries, funded by the philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

Resting on a 30x30 lot, this modest "home" of books and learning is both imposingly stately and compact. There is ample parking for bicycles and vehicles of the more motorized kind, a patio with chess tables and benches, and even a few swings for those who may need to stretch their limbs after a good bout of the more sedentary activity of reading.

The soft colors of the exterior are in contrast with the rich, dark woods and tiles of the interior spaces. There are shelves of books and reading areas across all three floors. The upper story has a room dedicated to children and the main floor has a slightly brighter lit room for studying and computers. The basement has a small office for staff, restrooms for ladies and gentlemen, and a community meeting room (often used by pitiable fools to discuss their crippling addictions (to simulation video games)).

Price: 149,894

Lot size: 30x30

Version: 1.63

Games used: WA, Amb, LN, Gen, Pets, SN, Seasons, Uni, IP, and Fast Lane.

Store Content - Totally non-vital and optional.

BahHaus Immaculate Window -- used on the front on the rounded bit at the top.

Shrub of Tranquility -- flanking the side entrance from the parking lot.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 149,894