Public School Number 01

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Public School Number 01 is a 1920s Collegiate Gothic style high school. In The States from the 1910s to the 1940s, there was a boom in secondary education as focus shifted college preparation to teaching general "for life" skills. Many schools were built during this time, often in current styles, such as Art Deco, and established styles, such as Gothic Revival already popular at colleges and universities.

There are 20 furnished classrooms (3 more if you count the theater, exercise room, and assembly hall) and an additional 10 unfurnished rooms in the basement that can be used as classrooms as well. The main floor houses the cafeteria (and kitchen), library, two sets of offices (one for administration and one for counselling), assembly/multipurpose hall, a teachers lounge, nurse's facilities, exercise room, and gymnasium. The upper floor contains the majority of classrooms, some outfitted specifically for arts, music, or sciences. In addition to unfurnished rooms, the basement has a pool and two unisex locker rooms. The basement, main, and upper floors are conveniently connected with three stairwells that also provide additional exits and entrances. The main and upper floor each have a set of gender-specific restrooms. Along with the facilities in the locker rooms, there is a private unisex restroom near the main entrance. The principal's office and clinic each have a restroom as well. There is a small theater in the tower room. (With all my meticulous floor planning, I forgot to include a theater. So I at least squeezed something in. Those poor neglected drama kids... which is especially sad considering I was a drama kid in school.) As this is a gigantic lot, furnishings are about as basic as one can get, while still suggesting the use of each room, and there are almost no extra decorations on the interior.

Heating such a large building in the winter months was a major task, and many schools had separate buildings to house the coal furnaces/boilers complete with smokestacks. I couldn't leave out such an iconic feature, so such a building is off of the gymnasium at the back. While many of these old school buildings are around today (and many still operating as schools), sadly the smokestacks often are not, demolished as heating with coal has become obsolete.

Once again, I present this as a purely cosmetic community lot. Though it can function as a proper school with use of a rabbit hole rug. With exception of the stairwells, tower, and the gymnasium that heavily use CFE, it should be easy to adjust the layout.

Ambitions was used for the lockers mostly, though other furniture, hobby items, and statuary were also used. The musical instruments and a few other items are from Late Night, and Supernatural was used for doors and windows. I tried to keep the EPs down as much as possible.

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Various bits from The Complete Castle by Castle Kits, Inc.
Rim Rockin' Basketball Hoop

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