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Safe & Sound

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2013 at 4:23 PM
Updated: 25th Feb 2018 at 4:31 PM
Inspired to create a vernacular/colonial cottage by a rural home triciamanly mentioned in a message to me, I found myself recreating the abandoned cottage used in the music video for 'Safe and Sound' by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars for the first Hunger Games film. I found out that the real house is located near the town of Watertown, TN. It's kind of fitting considering the release of the latest 'Hunger Games' film.
Music Video:

My Version:

I don't normally build smaller houses, so I'm quite proud of it. Although I still managed to get 4 bedrooms into it somehow, which is probably a bit unrealistic for the size of house it is. But it would seem that I have a new-found love of the vernacular and colonial homes of rural America as I intend on building and uploading many more. So thank you triciamanly for the inspiration.

Lot Info:
The house is built on a 30 by 30 lot costing 48,360 Simoleons furnished and 37, 345 Simoleons unfurnished, with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I'd like to thank missyzim over at TSR for creating the CC windows that I have used on the lot. One thing to bare in mind when I describe this lot as furnished is the context of the lot, which is pretty much the context of the song and the film it was written for. You have to imagine your sims are living in a world that has had its once prosperous society destroyed by a civil war of apocalyptic proportions; "Don't you dare look out the window, darling everything's on fire". This little vernacular cottage is part of what remains of the world your sims once knew. In the music video you could see that there was no electricity, the rooms were all light by portable lamps. So that is how this house is light; apart from the bathrooms which have cheap electric wall lights. Although I'd question whether there were any bathrooms in the abandoned house used in the music video. So overall, what I'm trying to say is that this is a very rural cottage with almost nothing in the way of modern appliances.

To help convey the look I went for, I've written a short story to accompany the upload description:
It was abandoned and left to rot. The house was probably abandoned at the beginning of the war and left empty. Until recently when you discovered it. You and a few others had been walking for days through the cold dark woods of what was once Tennessee, in search of food and shelter, avoiding hostile gangs that prowl the darkness just as desperate to survive as you are. Now you have found a home that could provide shelter during the night when it's not safe to be travelling. It was getting dark and the cold was only getting worse the smoke rising from smoulder fires in the woods ahead of you are becoming much less apparent. This house is just what you need. You see the condensation of your breath as you watch the sun go down. A chilling breeze rushes down your tattered and torn jacket which is growing heavy from the damp. So you leave the front porch and head inside to join the rest of your group. They’ve got a fire going in the fireplace to provide warmth, and also scavenged the kitchen for supplies, but found nothing much of use, Apart from a can-opener to open a few of the cans of food you all have scavenged away in an old sack. The glow and warmth from the fire provides comfort as you all settle down by it, turning down the lamps. You don’t want to draw attention to yourselves but at the same time you won’t survive the night without the warmth of the fire. The net/lace curtains are no good for blocking out the light, partly because they’ve mostly rotted away. The dark and worn wooden floor provides little comfort; neither do the few blankets that were found in the house to cushion you. But for now, and just for now, you are all Safe, and Sound.

I hope you will enjoy this rather simple little house and that it will provide your desperate sims with shelter in their time of need in the fallout of an appocalype. And be sure to check out the comments section as I have added some additional pictures as well as some screenshots to compare to.

Creator Notes
A Package file version has been included in the upload as an alternative to the usual Sims3pack file which you will need to extract and place in your game's Library folder manually.
Thanks go to attuned and Don Babilon for helping me fix the original Sims3.Pack file and get it back online.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 48,360 Simoleons

Custom Content Included:
- Georgian Double Hung Window by missyzim at TSR