Falling Water Build Set - Repository and Recolours

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Uploaded: 8th Jan 2014 at 3:58 PM
Updated: 8th Jan 2014 at 3:54 PM by leefish
Fallingwater Collection is a wonderful set for Frank Lloyd Wright Fans, modern fans, and folk who like modular windows. There's only one problem. To recolour the whole set of windows and doors, you need to recolour 23 pieces... which is a problem in anyone's books. Especially when there are only 4 types of textures used.

Ritaxis asked me to make what I could repository, this I did without re-mapping.
I did PM for permission, but stonetower hasn't been around since August 2013. So I'm hoping this is ok for both MTS and stonetower.

The only windows and doors you need from the original set are:

1. The 2 doors -
Prida-Fallingwaterbuildset-moderndoor#1-MESH (and it's diagonal)
Prida-Fallingwaterbuildset-moderndoor#2-MESH (and it's diagonal)

2. 2 Windows -
Prida-Fallingwaterbuildset-full-lenghwindow1-MESH (and it's diagonal)
Prida-Fallingwaterbuildset-full-lenghwindow2-MESH (and it's diagonal)

Window 2 is now the MASTER, and will recolour the 17 other windows (plus the diagonals)

Now, to recolour the full set, you only need to recolour 4 items. (The ones listed above).

To test the repository items, and to make sure that they are recolourable, I've done 29 recolours (because I am a recolouring fool). They work. So it's good to go.

I've also included a PSD template for Window 2, so that you too can recolour these to your heart's content.

The colours I've used come from Amythestfenix' list of awesome colours. They are:

Aegean, Apple, Aqua, Asparagus, Beachsand, Bisque, Cardinal, Carnation, Cherry, Cornflower
Dove, Inkwash, Lack Blue, Lack Green, Lack Pink, Lack Red, Lack Yellow, Lemonade, Lilac
Marina, Melon, Oyster, Pear, Pumpkin, Rose, Sapphire, Seafoam, Snow, Sterling.

I haven't recoloured the doors or other window, but if there is any interest I will add templates and recolours for them.

Hope you will enjoy.

Please credit Stonetower for the original set. Prida did all the work with the meshing, and creating of windows and doors and applying the awesome sauce.

I don't mind what you do with the repositories - feel free to include them with your recolours. Just don't pretend that they are your own. OK?

Additional Credits: SimPE for the tools do this stuff.
Simtower for the original meshes.
Ritaxis for requesting this and pointing out this awesome set that I'd not seen before.
Nanashi over at Leefish for helping me out with my repository mistakes.
Leefish for helping me out with my many questions.
Usonia Font found for free from Prairie Mod (http://www.prairiemod.com/prairiemo...iemod_freebies/)
Amythestfenix for the colours.