CaSTable Building Shell Replacements

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Uploaded: 30th Jan 2015 at 1:11 PM
Updated: 14th Dec 2015 at 8:44 PM - Updated script

Update Dec 14, 2015
Very minor...
Be sure to delete yout scriptCache.package if you update

  • cleaned up duplicated and unnecessary code from the Shell Assembly script (you may want to keep a copy of the old file just in case I managed to break something)
  • fixed the World Adventure shells that have multiple door designs so that they retain their colours if you decide to change the style "after" already recolouring them
  • added a .package file that can be used to hide the default EA shell thumbnails if you want your catalogue to be less cluttered -- NOTE: This will override the default OBJDs to make sure that the BuildBuyProductStatusFlags value is 60 (usually 61). Works for base game, expansions, stuff packs and "unmodified" store content. Place in Mods/Packages if you have no store content OR if you install store content using the launcher. If you have converted your store content to .package files, then place in Mods/Overrides instead. Can be removed by deleting the .package file.

Update Feb 28, 2015
Added the remainder of the shell buildings and some extras. ***IMPORTANT*** Be sure to read the specific sections below for further info on using these and the peculiarities (nooohhhhhh) you may experience. The originals were very quirky at times (mainly Showtime), so hopefully, I didn't make anything worse. Shell Assembly Script updated to handle new buildings - remember to delete scriptCache.package after redownloading.

Also, did a minor update (changed one reference value) to the original Late Night (Bridgeport) - ShellDoors_Highrise_Castable.rar file. One of the two door overrides had an incorrect value in the OBJD that could affect manual placement (hot tub error). However, since the script places the doors automatically, you may not run into any problems. It has been fixed just in case.

These CaSTable Shell Replacements can be used to create more colourful buildings than what Bridgeport (and other worlds) have to offer. They complement and work pretty much the same as the CaSTable RabbitHole Replacements. I've started a separate topic for these due to a few minor differences that will be explained in the sections containing item specific notes. Unzipped .package file sizes range from 2 - 18 MB (some are rather large).

Important Note:
These shell objects will NOT override the original game shells. However, they do rely on resources from those originals in order to function. Therefore, you will need to have the correct corresponding object from the base game / expansion pack / stuff pack / store item already installed in your game. These package files WILL NOT work by themselves! It is not recommended to use the "move objects" cheat unless absolutely necessary, i.e. Egyptian pyramids.

Shell Assembly Script **REQUIRED**
This is the bad boy responsible for assembling all of the parts into a complete unit. It will get updated whenever new shells are added to the mix, and you will need to re-download and replace the copy in your mods/packages folder if and when you add new shells from this project to your game. Don't forget to delete the scriptCache.package file from your Sims 3 directory when you update in order for any new script changes to take effect.

These shells can be used in any combination. After downloading a set, you can pick and choose whichever ones you want to use as long as you already have the appropriate originals. They all work independently of each other, and the Main Shell Assembly script will assemble any and all. All of these were made after patching to game version 1.67.

  • File Location: After downloading, unzip the .rar file and place the unzipped .package file into your Mods/Packages folder.
  • Catalogue Location:
Highrise shells: Buy Mode - Decor - Misc Decor (Sort By Function) -- OR -- Buy Mode - Outdoors - Lawn Ornaments (Sort By Room)
Other shells: Build Mode - Community Objects - Misc Objects (at the end)
Stage Rigs & Extras: Buy Mode - Stage Props - Props (at the end)
Shell Doors (new & overrides) - Build Mode - Doors (at the end)
**Those shell doors in build mode shouldn't really be needed. I think they can be used in the originals to manually replace a wonky door. They're supposed to snap to the slot, but when I add container entries to the RSLT, this snapping somehow quits working, and the door only looks like it's in the slot. Better to use a reset doors interaction if you need a replacement so that it's actually in the slot, or you'll get routing issues.
  • Usage: Simply place the shell on a community OR residential lot as per usual. It may take a couple of seconds for the script to assemble the building if it has lots of parts, but once it's complete, it should be fully assembled. Depending on the type of shell, it may become translucent in appearance or invisible except for the foundation framework. Unlike the rabbitholes, you may not be able to pick up or move these once placed. The best ways to delete them are either with the "Undo" button or bulldozing the lot. I'm not sure if the Ctrl-Shift "Delete It" interaction removes everything completely.
  • CaST: Simply click on the part of the building that you wish to recolour to bring up the create-a-style tool. You can switch to other parts of the building by clicking on them. You can also drag a colour from one part to another just like with any other object. Solid colours work best due to the way these are designed (Patterns don't always appreciate EA's UV See notes below for additional info.

Many of the technical notes are the same as for the rabbitholes and can be read HERE. Just scroll down to the "Show Technical Notes" button. Just had a "DUH" moment a year after the fact and realised that CaST presets do indeed work for individual parts, just not for the building as a whole. I'll bet everyone already knows this...haha!

All shell doors should be CaSTable either via replacement or override .packages and are included in the downloads so I don't get confused trying to keep track of too many things.....mmmm, yeah.

Additional Credits:
Inge & Peter for their wonderful S3PE / S3OC tools that have made this possible
A special Inge for her Tweaker -- she'll never know how much enjoyment I've gotten from this one
A few of the many others who have helped me stumble my way down the path of learning -- Ghost, Nona Mena, Darkitow, twallan, brappl, JunJayMdM, OmegaStarr, Bloom, sydserious, cmo and Wes Howe.
karilynmonroe2 for spotting the CAW & library bin issues that have now been resolved.
icarus_allsorts for helping me to better understand how a proxy works with object interactions.
annalise & her mom for bringing the recolour issue to my attention.