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University Student Union / Library Shell Overrides to help with Crowding Issues

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Uploaded: 9th May 2018 at 3:07 PM
Updated: 15th Oct 2018 at 4:11 PM - added note re Uni Professor Fix

Oct 14, 2018 -- Re Uni Professor Fix file -- USE AT YOUR OWN RISK -- Do not add this file to your mods folder until after you have started a new world and are planning to travel to Uni for the first time -- then remove it just to be safe.

These are "override" versions that will automatically replace the original two shells once University world has loaded. Also includes a script package that directs sims to use specific entry doors similar to the Additional Routing Slot mod located HERE. Unless noted otherwise, all packages should be placed in your Mods/Packages folder (or higher priority folder if need be). See below for information on each individual package so you can decide which files you wish to download and use.

Everything is standalone, however, the shells and script should be used together for best results. It's recommended to install these packages before traveling to Uni for the first time. If installed while already at Uni, some packages may not update properly. At any rate, be sure to delete game caches and keep backup saves in case something goes wrong.

Important Note:
The More Shell Entries script is NOT compatible with NRaas GoHere since they both override the same interaction. GoHere users can still use the shells but will not experience any improvement without some sort of code to direct things. You can temporarily remove GoHere if you'd like to just try this mod out. Logan has volunteered to add the necessary code to GoHere and create a test version once the NRaas code base has been updated. That will then work in place of the More Shell Entries script. I will update this post if / when this happens.

Also note, these packages will not always be an ideal solution, lol. When random AND Murphy decide to hook up (and they will sometimes), you could still occasionally see some less-than-perfect behaviour. Of course, it is our hope that you will experience improvement most of the time! That means less crowding, less thought bubble complaining during lecture class and less conditions that tend to cause classroom interruptions (i.e. bladder failure, passing out, etc.)

As always, please let us know if you experience anything more unusual than usual, and we'll try to help. Everything is running smoothly on this end.

Available package files:

MAIN packages

1) University - Replacement Shells (overrides) -- NonCaSTable

The Student Union and Library shell meshes have been edited to remove all fake deco doors leaving a gap where the deco doors used to be. These gaps are associated with new slots that a "real" shell door can be attached to. The shells automatically update once University loads, the new shell doors are added and any locked inner doors (corresponding to the new shell doors) will automatically unlock via alarm once the game is unpaused.

The Student Union shell should now have 2 entrances instead of 1 -- front, back
The Library shell should now have 5 entrances instead of 1 -- front, left side x2, right side x2

This package also includes a custom shell door for the Library shell since the new side doors are just slightly shorter that the main one in front.

2) University - More Shell Entries -- script required for sims to be assigned to doors

Important Note:
**Remember - DO NOT USE this package if you are currently using NRaas GoHere!!

This overrides the VisitCommunityLot class and assigns a specific door to any sim who uses that interaction by rotating through all available entry doors at the Student Union or Library. When a sim randomly groups up and brings other sims from the same household, the tag-a-longs are immediately reassigned their own interaction to go individually instead of in the group. This way, all sims will still go to the same place but can start doing something as soon as they arrive instead of standing around waiting for the rest of the party, which is another reason the door areas start getting clogged up.

GoToOrientation is a different interaction class and is NOT addressed in this package. Sims will still use the front doors to attend orientation, but we haven't really had any issues with this. There are usually several sims already at the Student Union, so the game only sends enough additional sims to meet the orientation requirement counts, and everyone gets inside well before orientation ends.

Sims attending lectures or labs will have their motives pushed to 100 once they arrive at their destination lot (bladder, hunger, vampire thirst, energy, hygiene). This should happen for all lab activity lots, not just the Library. However, this will NOT happen if a sim happens to already be on the destination lot. Hopefully, they will have dealt with low motives on their own before it's time for them to attend class.

Tag-a-long sims (-- shell lots ONLY --) will have problematic motives checked as soon as they arrive at the lot(priority order: bladder, hunger, energy, hygiene). If a motive is found to have a value of -50 or below, the sim will politely be asked to tend to that motive immediately before going about their own business. Hopefully, this will also motivate them to take care of other low motives as well on their own.

We haven't experienced a lot of crowding at the Library, but sometimes every lab attendee (usually 8) will decide to set up their business workstations inside for the full 2 hours, and this tends to crowd up the front area of the building making it difficult for other sims to navigate in and out. Using this package will help spread that out when they do decide to stay in since they'll be able to enter from different areas now.

The Student Union and Library lots should also now be editable (you may need to unlock the lots first). Adding doors or changing doors to arches shouldn't interfere with sims routing to the lots since this package only takes into account doors that connect directly to the outside instead of every door on the lot. Before, it seemed as though the doors layout was remembered and changing anything would break routing. You do need to be sure that if you add doors connecting to the outside that they have clear access to the outer shell door as well. We haven't noticed any unusual behaviour using the Buy/Build On This Lot method to edit things, but some have reported this may be troublesome, so you might want to just go to Edit Town when you want to make changes. Also, beware of the little Event Lot Marker near the front entrance. You'll need to switch to "Orientation" layout to move objects that are hidden until Orientation begins so that they don't interfere with any edits made in the "Common" layout.

It is highly recommended to use both of the above packages together in order to achieve the best results with regard to crowd control. Remember, the More Shell Entries package is NOT compatible with NRaas GoHere. As stated above, we're hoping to make a GoHere test version once their code base is up to date. Then you'll be able to just use that along with the replacement shells. I will update this post if / when this happens.

OPTIONAL packages

1) University - FIX for Missing Science Professor at Student Union

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK -- Do not add this file to your mods folder until after you have started a new world and are planning to travel to Uni for the first time -- then remove it just to be safe.

Overrides the Uni setup XML file inside Sims University.world from main University game folder and will conflict with any other package that modifies this file.

Original file setup of Level 2 has two sims assigned as communications professors and NO science professor as shown below:
Technology - Wade Anthony
PhysEd - Lewis Rodgers
Fine Arts - Madeleine Noetal
Business - Debbie Richards
Communications - BillyJean Sparks
Communications - Carol Chen

BillyJean Sparks always shows up in my game to teach the Communications lecture, so this package will change Carol Chen's degree to Science so that she will show up and teach that class (Tuesday 8:00 AM)

2) University - Student Union Buffet Table

Automatically moves the buffet table from the lecture room to upstairs behind the stairway after University loads
Automatically opens the buffet table and serves food on lecture days -- TUESDAY, THURSDAY
Default times - breakfast 7-11, lunch 11-3, dinner 3-7

I don't think I've ever witnessed a sim opening up this table on their own...whaaaat, only $250 . Hungry sims normally go to the upstairs bars for a quick drink, but this doesn't replenish their hunger bar. There may be another mod that fixes that, and I know Icarus has a mod that gets sims to use the vending machines. This is simply another option for sims to use when hungry. The dishes will also disappear automatically when a sim finishes eating. If you do see a dish laying around somewhere, it's because the sim abandoned the meal before finishing it.

3) University - Enroll Students

This package is mainly for those who can't use or don't want to use any type of story progression, but it should be usable by anyone I would think. It runs after University loads if the student count is less than 100 and converts unemployed sims without assigned roles to academic students. It should only run on return trips to Uni since the first visit will probably have more than 100 students anyway. Also checks to make sure 6 professors are assigned.

NRaas Story Progression will also do this, usually on Sunday afternoon for me. Professors will also be done if you set Professors:Enable Automated Assignment as TRUE under Homeworld University options.

Our personal experience when all story progression is turned off:
Vanilla game or any mod except NRaas Traveler - return Uni trips have approx 40 students
Whenever we add NRaas Traveler to the mix - return Uni trips only has the active sim as a student, everyone else is unemployed

Not a clue why this happens for us, but we must have Traveler, and we must have students, so we made this little package to take care of things for the times that story progression isn't being used at all.

CaSTable Shell Users ONLY!

You won't need the Replacement Shell overrides package. Use these new package files instead along with the More Shell Entries script (or GoHere if/when new test version becomes available), and get rid of the ones downloaded previously with the following file names:

University - Student Union.package
University - Library Shell.package

Additional Credits:
My husband Logan for his invaluable help
Inge & Peter Jones and Twallan for making these mods possible.
NRaas members for all the help they provide as well as the entire Sims 3 community for their continued interest in Sims 3.